Apple Test

1) Get two glasses and fill them with water until about 2/3 full.

2) Label 1 glass with your vitamin, the other USANA mega antioxidant (the yellow vitamin). Peel an apple and put 1 slice in each glass

3) Place your vitamin in 1 glass, the USANA vitamin in the USANA labeled glass

4) Leave uncovered for 4 days. Keep in a place where they will not be knocked over or touched.

They will look real ugly after 4 days. Notice the color of the water. Get a fork and pull out the apple from the glass with your vitamin. It will probably be brown and be deteriorating. You probably would not want to eat this apple. This is what is going on in your system. Free radicals are developing.

Get another fork and pull out the apple from the USANA glass. The water is discolored, but the apple is almost pristine white. That is due to the antioxidants. It will help to keep your system clean from free radicals, which have been known to cause cancer, diabetes, heart conditions etc…

The whiter the apple the better for it has more antioxidants. That's what you want. 

(courtesy Chester Walker)

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