What does it REALLY take to
work from home?

For Mums to work from home in Australia in your own real home based business takes many, many things. Not to scare you but to help shine a light on the path ahead for you. What I have found may not be the case for you however, seeing what works for someone else may help you in finding your own path.

So what does it take?

Here are some basics to be aware of:

Be Motivated to Action

You have to ‘want’ to. Well, actually it is more then that, it is more like a ‘burning desire’ to work from home. Or another way to put that is motivation.

Everyone is motivated to work from home differently when starting a home business being pulled or drawn to action by ‘inspiration’ or away from what you ‘don’t want.

For me, with our first child, it was a ‘desire’ to contribute some how to our family finances and do something else other then change nappies!

As the children grew my motivation to work from home changed and, no doubt my motivation will continue to be ever changing

Work where your heart is - home business

Put in the Time

Don’t be fooled by the ‘hot air’ and ‘fluff’ of the ‘push button’ internet get rich ‘noise’.

ANY business, on or offline takes ‘some’ time. Some may be less or more effective then others. Particularly for a home based business.

Having said that, make sure you understand the difference between 'push button' and 'a simple system'.

simple 3 step system CAN be a very powerful way to 'own your life' and give you a path to follow - IF you actually take the simple steps! (wink.

Do your research to decided on the best home business opportunity that will help you work from home, for you.

I’m sure you wouldn’t find Donald Trump or the late Kerry Packer sitting around hoping to get rich.

Managing that Time

I KNOW what it is like with two small toddlers, a phone to one ear, hands in the kitchen sink and a two year old demanding attention! It sure will take energy to manage your time. Don’t despair – it is possible. Now our children are grown my time is my own, be encouraged.

Even if it is just snatching 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. Or get into a routine particularly with small children, give them a ‘rest’ or ‘quiet’ time early afternoon then use that time productively.

Obviously, the ages of your children (if you have them) changes the dynamics but the principals are the same. It is your time, spend it wisely.

Be willing to Learn

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and you ‘don’t have to know it all’ to start with. Just do today what you can do and know how to. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I know many times I had ‘no idea’ of what my ‘next step’ would be. I just stepped out and did what needed to be done and it truly was amazing as to how often the next would become clear.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many people say they want to work from home in Australia and they want a real home based business but when push comes to shove they found many ‘reasons’ not to learn, or do it.

Guard Your Attitude

Gratitude. This word pops up in so many personal growth and success books. Why? It is your attitude that often determines your success. Your attitude regardless of your current circumstances and appearance.

Understanding that EVERYTHING can work for your good even the bad things that happen. (Now that is a tough one to understand ) Just accept that it is so and practice being grateful and see what happens for yourself!

Not only that, who are you attracted to the most?

Someone with a smile and pleasant to be around or a grump with a frown. My mother’s words of ‘smile and the world smiles with you, frown and you frown alone’ says it all.

One way I have found to keep my attitude right is receiving a positive thought for the day email. When you work from home, there is no one else to 'blame' but your self so choose your thoughts wisely.

Be Confident

If you are lacking in confidence and experience low self self esteem. Do something about it. Go to a class, learn to step out of your comfort zone or do some personal growth courses that will help you deal with your past if you have issues.

Decide if you want to make extra money at home with a Job or BusinessUnderstand there are many options available to you so take the time to educate yourself. 

Learn how you can create a passive income, make extra money at home make extra money at home understanding the difference between a job or business. It's not rocket science to work from home.

With the desire passion and willingness to grow, you can build value and income for yourself and your family.

Just look at how Apple started and many other BIG business’s – they were once a home based business that grew and grew. It is all up to you as to how big your home based business can become.

More importantly ENJOY the journey! It's worth it! This is the fun you can have when you work from home. 

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