Would You Like to Make Extra Money at Home with a Job or Business?

When you want to make extra money at home one of the first things to decide on is, do you want a 'job' or a 'business'? On the surface, the distinction between the two may appear to be simple. However I have found there is much misunderstanding around the two.

Why is it important to understand the difference?

Your precious TIME.

The time you could be spending with those you love, doing the things you love to do - AND make extra money at home to be able to do it.

To understand the difference, you first need to understand the four general ways you can make extra money and work from home are - Investments, Job, Business or a Network.

Let’s look at each of these individually:


This requires capital: an initial sum of money. To get any decent sort of return usually requires large sums to purchase investments like property, shares, or even a business of some form.

These investments generally produce a ‘passive income’, using a residual income program where your money is working for you or you are having ‘other people’s money’ working for you (e.g. when you get a loan for this purpose). This can free up your time so you can do other things. Your income here can be unlimited.

Investments can be an excellent way to make extra money at home – IF you have the funds AND know what you are doing.


No doubt you are very familiar with this way of making money, where you exchange time for $$’s e.g 1 hour for $x's. Your income is limited by the number of hours in a day. Most doctors, dentists, plumbers, clerical workers and sales people are locked into this type of income.

Some people find ‘work that they can do from their home office’ however this still generally requires an exchange of time for dollars. 

Are You a Decent Honest Hardworking Man or Women
Fed Up with having your choices limited by lack of money?


An example would be a Franchise. It could be a one-man-band, or a collective group of people within a corporation. Often this is a slight variation of a job, except you may ‘own’ it, so the ‘profit’ and 'headaches' are yours.

Another aspect of a business, particularly if you purchased or out-laid a lot of money initially, is delayed gratification. Delayed gratification takes patience and perseverance - ‘knowing’ you ‘will’ receive the profits in the future, so the low or no income to start with doesn’t worry you.

A good way to understand a residual income program, is to understand how compounding interest works.

Businesses also have to deal with all the issues relating to government regulations, stock and inventory (this alone can be a nightmare! Let alone the capital that gets tied up – less money for spending now) plus dealing with staff….the list goes on and on. It really is no wonder many people become fearful and weary of going into business.

There are many ‘cottage’ businesses where people do make extra money at home. However again, there are constraints as already mentioned above.


This is one of my favourite ways to make extra money at home. Here’s why:

With most businesses, the goods after leaving the manufacture go to maybe a national warehouse, then distributed via state or local distribution center’s before ending up in a shop where you, the consumer, makes a purchase.

Often you are told about these products via advertising or if you happen to walk into the shop. (The advertising will get you to go to the shop). As a rule of thumb, the cost of this is around 75% of the goods.

A Network on the other hand, as you can see in the diagram, moves the product directly from the manufacturer to you, the consumer.

How you come to know about the product is via word of mouth (or 'mouse' – internet). A network of consumers who use and like the product is build, then through word of mouth again share what they like with others, thus creating a network.

This allows you, the consumer, to have a piece of the action without the hassles of managing inventory and all the other things that usually go with a business, as already mentioned.

This method utilises two very powerful principles of creating ‘passive income’ (see above).

    (1) Using other people’s money (often this is the manufacture) and

    2) Other peoples time (in other words, people helping people as a team – with the right program).

Some examples of this are affiliate programs and network marketing / multi-level marketing.

The reason why this is a popular and VERY effective way to make extra money at home is because network marketing start up costs are generally low. It is also, VERY time efficient (when you know how to do it properly). It gives you the benefits of a residual income business opportunity, yet can be done AT HOME.

The REAL power of this is that over time you can in fact, develop very real passive income or a residual income- where you receive income week in week out with or without you. If you build it right.

This makes it IDEAL for the AVERAGE person, giving you full control - You decide how much extra money at home you want to make, and by WHEN.

However, there is also a lot of MIS-understanding around network marketing, and it's important to REALLY understand what network marketing IS and ISN'T. The difference between direct sales opportunity v network marketing are often blured. 

As you can see from above, ALL of these ways to make extra money at home will take ‘some’ time, ‘some’ money, ‘some’ effort and ‘some' skills

Listen to the podcast of Make Extra Money at Home here 

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Decent Honest Hardworking People Frustrated with Current Circumstances

Now with retirement looming I see all around me decent, honest, hardworking men and women trying to figure out how to retire comfortably, or find ways to be at home with the kids, contribute to your family finances AND STILL have a life.

It doesn't have to be that way.

What I have found is so profound, I just HAVE to share it with others...

So are YOU fed up with having your choices limited by lack of money?

Do yourself a favour and take the tour for yourself and your families sake.... you are just moments away from changing your lives...take the tour now... 

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