Womens Home Based Business
A Tale of Two Women

Womens Home Based Business - The Tale of Jo.

A Mother's Dream

Jo and I connected well on our first meeting online. Even though Jo was already successful in her career she was searching for more satisfaction.

As an already successful freelance executive coach and personal development trainer. Putting 100% into her workshops often didn't leave Jo with the energy to promote or 'sell her business'.

Jo was frustrated trying to figure out how to turn what she did into a business, because 'she' always had to be there. Jo wanted something that would 'take care of itself and generate profit'.

A Womens home based business doesn't have to follow the Get Rich Quick Crowd

Here's what Jo said:

'The thing that meeting you did for me was renew my faith in the internet. I had seen the potential in 2003 but I didn't know how and in testing stuff out there were so many rubbish opportunities.

You didn't promise me an overnight deal or getting rich in fact you just took real interest in my life and supported me even though I hadn't signed up for anything.

I really valued that. And you're always available for questions."

Jo elaborates further on her experience of working with me:

"In the 18 months I have known Delmae, she has been the most amazing teacher and mentor.

Her patience, persistence and depth of knowledge have guided me to make crucial decisions for my life. Most people would have gone away in the first months where I was unsure or not putting in much effort.

Delmae, without pressure kept her relationship with me, encouraging me, supporting me and inspiring me. She also knows how to make it fun. Something I really needed to have in my life.She exudes her warmth and dynamic personality over the phone or typing on Skype.

Its amazing to think we have never met. She is always just a skype away from me.

Her generosity has been incredible. She taught me to:

  • get into action,
  • not be afraid of following my heart,
  • and to be bold enough to make mistakes.

I am so grateful to Delmae for her wisdom and the wealth of resources she has shared with me.

I have no hesitation in recommending her as a business and personal mentor . Meeting her was a turning point." Jo Hazelhurst, South Africa. www.kalavati.org

Maree's Story of a Womens Home Based Business

Learn how to create an income without a job by helping people,

so you can stay home and follow your heart.

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