What Would Make Your Heart Sing If You Were Starting a Home Business?

When starting a home business, will your heart sing with joy? How will you feel after starting? Will you feel joy and excitement at getting up in the morning to work from home in your home based business, or will you feel dread.

Why is this so important when starting a home business?

Simply, any business takes effort, and on your journey you will be tested on your commitment. Those tests often appear in the most unexpected ways. ( Personal Growth). So for now just be prepared for them, ok?

Let's take a look at what will make your heart sing - after all, isn't that really the bottom line?

Why do something that doesn’t bring you joy.

Before you do, have a look at why others choose to have a stay at home business and how moms working at home can use their natural talents with a stay at home business.

No matter what your current circumstance are, when starting a home business, just be aware of how you feel, and more importantly how you will feel by having your own home based business so you can work from home

Look "deeper then just the money".

Ask yourself, "After starting a home business and it brings me the money, what will that allow me to do, what will it give me?"

Then ask the question again... "If I have 'that' what will that give me?" Keep asking the same question until you get to your 'core' desire. It will brings tears to your eyes and you will KNOW with CERTAINTY that you WILL have it no matter what.

You have discovered your power - your power that will PULL you through thick and thin.

You will KNOW the feeling of joy it will bring to you, and it will make your heart sing just thinking about it. THAT is powerful.

Are you Starting a Home Business from Inspiration or Desperation?

When looking for what will make your heart sing it is important to be aware that there are TWO types of basic motivation:

1. Inspiration - it will PULL you towards your passion and priorities.

2. Desperation - on the other hand will SUCK the life out of you, where fear and your external circumstances (e.g. bills and lack) rule you.

Take a look at this diagram to understand this better:

Basiclly, what this means is if you are starting a home based business 'because you have to', with the pressure of your financial situation and demand of bills that are due then STOP! Your actions will come from desperation. This will limit your joy and success.

On the other hand if you are INSPIRED to action because of what you feel you can accomplish and how you can contribute - THIS is what will make your heart sing.

HERE IS A POWERFUL ACTION to help you find what is driving you:

Identify ALL of your motivations and write a reason for each e.g. Are you operating from FEAR or RESPECT / LOVE?

This may appear to be simple. Yet many pay hundreds of dollars to understand this. If you 'get' this, you are well on your way to success!

Believe You Can Build a Home Business

OK, so now you KNOW exactly why you want to start a home business it is time to declare who you are..

Let me explain, Cassies Clay (Mohammed Ali) declared that he was “The Greatest”. By declaring it, he started to believe it. Then others by hearing him, and seeing his belief started to believe it. You can use this same principle.

You can either make your own beliefs, or others will do it for you. It’s your choice.

Unless you believe that you CAN and WILL have success when starting a home business, success will elude you.

A POWERFUL ACTION to support on your journey is to DECLARE out loud who you are. As you say it, you start to believe it. As you believe it, others will believe you, and that is who you become. Put in front of this "I choose…".

Here are some declarations you could make about yourself:

e.g. I am making my heart sing.

    I choose to attract...
    I believe...
    I achieve...
    I own...
    I enjoy...
    I empower...
    I produce positive results...
    I am lively...
    I am poised...
    I am charming...
    I am successful.

Check yourself throughout the day to make sure your thoughts are empowering you as you're staring a home business with joy!


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