Why Many Women are Choosing to Have a Stay at Home Business

What draws you to choose to have a stay at home business?

Everyone's situation is different - yet similar. Here's what I mean...

Strong Desire to 'Be There' for your children

As a stay at home mum you are molding a child into a person; teaching, coaching and training their character.

Most of your time is spent on the intangible molding for the future. It is time consuming, yet when your spouse comes home from a 'hard day at the office' and asks you what you did today, your mind may go blank. Ahh - well, I took the children to the park.

Or, I was minding the children. Doesn't 'sound' riveting or earth shattering does it? However, can you put a price on the 'influence' you have had on your child

Your motivation as a mother is what you consider to be best for your child/children. In this instance it means you get 'joy' out of 'knowing' you are doing what's best for them.

Yet many women who are home with their children still feel that their efforts aren't valued. There is a deep desire for 'more'.

Circumstances beyond your control may have forced you to have to stay home - yet you have a deep desire to contribute to the family's financial situation. You want to feel that you can be 'of value'.

Empty Nester wanting 'your own life'.

The children are grown. You still want to contribute to your financial future but may be petrified of going back into the work force. You simply 'can't face' the thought of the 9 - 5 grind. (You are not alone there I might add :) ) You also feel you still have something to contribute.

Desire for Independence.

You may simply have the desire to have choice's. Maybe your spouse provides well, yet you want to be able to 'buy' something without having to 'ask' for money. You want the independence of 'he who holds the purse strings has control'.

Looking at the Pro's and Con's

As I said earlier, each person’s circumstances are different. To help look closer at why you'd want a stay at home business; The University of Maine have a great summary for weighing the pro's and con's of starting yourhome business.

Also, no matter what your current circumstance are, make your heart sing by having your own stay at home business. There are many ways you can work at home and the time spent researching is certainly worth while.

So what would it it be like for you if you could own your life?

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