Who REALLY Controls 
Your Home Business?

Yes it may shock you. When you take a closer look to see who REALLY owns your home business. Forget about ‘how you make money’ for a minute. Look at who supplies you? The products you ‘distribute’ the ‘service’ you distribute for that network marketing company. Does your supplier have restrictions on where and what you do? 

If you supply your time, who ultimately controls you? Does your client demand you ‘do this’ or ‘be here’? Interesting isn’t it when you look from that perspective.

Maybe you are a network marketer, affiliate marketer or direct sales person.

Tip: He who CONTROLS the content always sits above everyone else and hewho controls the CONTENT-----ultimately, controls the sales process.

There are two (2) types of home business owners.

  1. Those that control and create the marketing content.
  2. Those who can’t, so they pay others to USE their content.

If you do not CONTROL the funnel, you will pay someone else to.

Fact: You pay other people for leads. 
Fact: You pay other people to use THEIR websites.
Fact: You pay other people to use their system.
Fact: You will pay others to control what you failed to.
Fact: You don’t have a business, you are working your UPLINE or suppliers business.
The Power of Content and How It Translates To Income

That’s what Oprah Winfrey does as well. She creates TV shows (content) that she can sell seamlessly through TV syndication.

That’s also what Robert Redford does.

Back in the eighties Redford formed a little company called, “Sundance Film Festival.”

It was simple. Redford created a platform for film makers who were not in the Hollywood loop----to show off their films and get some industry exposure. Robert Redford is a Content Provider Silly. Not an Actor!

Now many years later, annually, Hollywood stampedes to the Sundance Film Festival to scoop up cool CONTENT that they buy and then distribute through normal Hollywood channels

So how can an ‘ordinary’ home business owner, like you and I have more control?

Here’s what I use to ‘control’ my website content. Think about it.

Newspapers. How do they survive? Content. They then ‘sell’ what makes them money – advertising.

If you want to be on top of ‘your pile’, how then, can YOU have more control over your home business? 

Is this You?  

Learn how I can help you, create an income without a job, so you can stay home and follow your heart.

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