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When did it become ok to lie to your customers?

Thousands of dollars later, wasted time and energy. Botched work, lies and demands that I do things THIER way even though it's my house, my money...

I finally found a tradie who would do the job I wanted properly and with integrity.

There is a better way to build a business and loyal customers... simply tell the truth! It's not hard.

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When Life Sucks...

Have you ever felt that you have lost your passion?

Hard knocks have come your way…. And you wonder what lies ahead for you…

I certainly have, however what I’ve discovered is that life is not a straight line. It would be great if it was, it’s the zig zag’s that make life interesting and challenging all at the same time.

Just by asking the question “How do I get my passion back” means you are already in the right place to restart living a life of joy. The reason is, to me, this shows you are aware of your current situation.

If you are blindly go on with life in a cloud and you can’t see ahead of you because of the storm clouds around you. It’s tough, you are just in survival mode.

When you are aware of your current situation, you can now be empowered to make choices.

One of those choices might be to, take a closer look at what’s not working in your life…

Make a list… everything… get it all down on paper.

Once you do that, write down beside each of those things, what it would be like if that particular ‘thing’ or situation was working – or put anther way, what is the opposite of that?

Ask yourself: What would it look like if that thing or situation was fantastic…what would that look like, feel like, smell like? How would you feel if that were the case?

Then send me an email on what choices you made as a result of doing this…

I’d love to know.

Life is great, the journey can be fun and rewarding.

The next step is to simply start...

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Homebased Business - Ways to Make Money, Work from Home, Network Marketing,

Be a work from home mum in a real homebased business. One of the many effective ways to make money is through network marketing Continue reading "Homebased Business - Ways to Make Money, Work from Home, Network Marketing,"

Do you still have adult children living at home?

Boomerangers they are called.

If you have one or two you will know what I mean.

The leave the nest, and then they return.

This phenomina is happening more and more with adult children who are finding the economic environoment a major financial challenge. Let alone being able to save for a home of their own.

As a parent we want the best for our kids and its hard to sit by and see them struggle... there are options however they need to be open to an alternative view around making money. Life wont be like it was for us as baby boomers. However we can still give our children hope for their financial futures, to do so we need to think outside the box....

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Are you concerned with diminishing assets?

The current economic crisis is causing concern for many baby boomers. Counting on super as their main source of income in retirement, almost half of Boomers will run out of money.

High income Boomers look at their retirement as a change in career, while low income earners are more anxious about retirement since, while they would like leisure, they still need to work to maintain their financial independence.

Most Boomers are now on the downward slide in terms of average income. Baby Boomers don’t believe in taking risks but they desire opportunities to contribute to society in a flexible workplace.

It's tough out there, however it doesn't have to be so...

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Are You Forgetting The Big Picture?

When you set priorities, set them for your entire life, not just your work.

Where does your family fit in?

Your health? Your emotional and spiritual well being?

It is so easy to be overwhelmed with LIFE... to really stop and truly be able to own your life... If you could..what would that look like for you?

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A Baby Changes Everything!

Ever heard those Executive Mums/moms who are adamant the new baby isn't going to change anything?

They will simply continue working at their career, get in a baby sitter, have a wonderful social life but still enjoying this wonderful cute cuddly bundle of joy.


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Beware the Wizard!

Beware the Wizard or BE the wizard....to say it another way...1. Fear, Loathe, Avoid, Shun And Be Ashamed By Dependence. 2. Be Fiercely Independent

It's no wonder my youngest son is just as much a free spirit as myself...you see often one of our favorite conversations - you know the ones, just the two of you in the car - would be centered around how people are like 'sheep'. No don't get me wrong it's not meant in any demeaning way...just seems to be if someone is doing something they 'just do the same thing' with out any real thought as to why they might be doing it.

After all, we as humans have a brain to think with, sheep don't..so they have an excuse...we don't.

It is this desire for 'independence' that drives me..what about you?

Are you tired of 'being a sheep' isn't it time you 'decided' to take control of YOUR life..after all you only get one shot at it.

Here's what I've done to take that step....

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