Executive Mums
Looking for a Career Change
Work From Home 
Struggle with Many Issues

A career change work from home -you'd think it was simple.

Truth is many issues arise, which often surprise, shock and concern not only mum's looking for that career change but dad's as well. 
Often this change causes you to have :

  • a sense of diminished value as a person
  • and feelings of isolation
  • doubts about your ability and competence

For anyone who has been in a high powered executive role it can be a jolt to the system and self esteem tobecome a stay at home mum.

I've seen it over and over..... a new first time mother to be, believes life will continue on the same...then.. the baby arrives!

The heart connection to that beautiful baby breaks when it's time to go back to work full time and leave that precious bundle in someone else care.

This brings up the question: Should one have a career change work from homeor go back full time to work?

As a society have we put too much pressure on new mums or mothers in general?

Is there ONLY two alternatives? A career or home? Is it really possible to for moms to work from home?

What does it really take to work from home?

Would love to hear YOUR comments, thoughts and opinions...

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One mother's experience with a baby sitter convinced her to have a career change and stay at home...take a look at what happened. 

My apologies however, this video has been removed

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