Moms Working at Home –Naturally

Even though my children are now adults, like many other moms working at home, I still – well, I call it "play at home"!

It wasn’t always this way.

It seems only like yesterday that the children were at home ALL day (before their school days).

Even back then I was looking for ways to supplement our family income and still be at home. Apart from my initial days of delivering Avon while pushing the pram, most of those years I worked ‘from’ home. So when hubby came home it was time for me to head on out and ‘do a party’ or ‘go out for an appointment’ to see a client.

More options for moms working at home

Technology has certainly changed the way we can create an income. The internet is a prime example of this, let alone things like VOIP and Instant Messaging. You can create a world wide community. Work from home mumshave taken to it like ducks to water. If it means you can network or communicate with more people – then let’s do it! Most women have a deep down desire to help, support and ‘pay it forward’ to other women.

Deep down desire to make a difference

When you find a great new idea, new product, new service then you naturally want to tell your girlfriends about it. Genuinely wanting to share what you found. – That’s just what women do!

Unfortunately, unless you have effective communication skills you can be taken the wrong way.

Internet is perfect for network marketing

The way ‘most’ internet network marketing programs are promoted online these days, it appears they must have been put together by men. (I say that tongue in cheek). Seriously, network marketing is all about relationships, yet the ‘noise’ online is deafening when it comes to the ‘lack’ of personal touch and relationship.

It’s time for moms working at home to take the lead here and put relationship back into marketing. After all, we do it so naturally. Why change who you are to ‘fit’ another mould that doesn’t fit.

When it doesn’t fit, you then wonder why ‘you’ are a failure! Grrrrr! It’s not YOU! It’s more then likely what you have been told to believe that doesn’t work!

Site Build It!
Deep down desire to make a difference

Create the brand of one – You!

The internet is now giving mums, not only a business opportunity for women, but also a chance to – develop your own unique voice the brand of one.

Done right, moms working at home can create an income without a job so you can spend your time where your heart ‘really’ is and 'pay it forward' at the same time.

After all, your income will reflect the value you add to someone else's life.

So join me in creating a positive ripple effect and learn how to own your life. 

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