Is Making Extra Money Online in Your Homebased Business Frustrating You?

Your many attempts at making extra money online have failed!. You are FRUSTRATED! Depressed. You want lower debt – and more cashflow. You know where your heart REALLY wants to be. Like many in the gold rush times, you’ve heard there is gold in there somewhere. However every home based business you have started simply ‘hasn’t worked’

You’ve put in hours and hours.

The dream of lower debt is eluding you. Money seems to take flight.

Every fibre of your body is motivated by fixing your eyes on your past.

You are in fact, starting a home business with desperation.

What happens is this.

Each time you get excited by your new home based business venture. You can see how THIS is the answer to your debt, you can even fire your boss.

BUT…….. when you start to speak to people about your home based business, your products or potential clients here is what often happens.

You start to think.

I just ‘gotta get this person’ to join my business. I just ‘gotta get this person’ to buy my product, so I CAN REDUCE MY DEBT.

I just have to start making extra money online! STOP. It's time for a shift in mindset with some new sales training information.

It’s YOUR thoughts that are stopping you

It is these very thoughts that stop you from making extra money online.

RULE: You get what you focus on.

It’s no wonder people wont join with you, or buy your products or want to be a client.

You wont get lower debt or anything else you want from thinking this way.

People sense your desperation, frustration and are ‘repelled’ by it.

What are you projecting?

Here is what you can do.

Project your future or create your own future NOW by changing your thoughts.

Learn the truth about positive thought. 

As you change your thoughts to reflect an exciting, joy filled, vibrant life you will start to ATTRACT the results you want.

Your basket of life is overflowing with joy and enthusiasm

Project an energy of enthusiasm for your product and what it can DO for the person you are speaking with. Focus on THEM. Forget your daily stress and concerns, be ‘present’ for them.

It just may surprise you that you are now making extra money online and your home based business turns the corner to success. 

With 25+ years in direct sales and network marketing this is what has worked best for me. My Residual Income.

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