The Truth about Positive Thought

The truth around positive thought. You’ve ‘heard’ it all before but still you feel stuck, frustrated and confused about it. Be POSITIVE! Have a Positive Mental Attitude! Well, I will explain ‘simply’ how this works and give you some powerful exercises that could change what you currently have to what you desire. DON’T, NOT and NO

What happens when I say to you “Don’t think of a pink elephant”.

You keep thinking about a pink elephant.

Right? Well, don’t!

That’s right, the more you are told NOT to think of something – guess what you DO think about. Yes the very thing you were told not to think about.

Let’s say you want to start a new home based business.

What are some of the ‘thoughts’ you may have, maybe:
I ‘don’t want to fail
I don’t want to be rejected
I don’t want it to be difficult
I don’t want to be involved with a scam

When you think those thoughts what do you think is happening? Like the pink elephant – the more you tell yourself those things the ‘more’ you keep thinking about them.

Then as a result - You don’t start your home based business. Mmmmm Interesting isn’t it.

It really is about personal growth.

What about affirmations?

Aren’t affirmations meant to counteract the above thoughts? Aren’t they meant to be positive thought statements?

Let’s take the example of loosing weight. You are fat, can’t see your feet and feel lousy about yourself generally. So you start to ‘affirm’ how you ‘want to be’. You know, the gurus all say make a statement that is positive, and in the present tense.

So you stand in front of the bathroom mirror repeating out loud. “I am slim, energetic and feel fantastic!”

What happens?

You start mumbling under your breath. Yeah right! And your mind is almost ‘screaming at you’ Liar! Liar! Liar!

So you go eat some more chocolate and there goes the good intentions.

Mmmm interesting how our mind works! A powerful, quick and simply way to support this process is by having your very own Mind Movies

Your actions reflect your belief’s

To understand this, what is a belief?

It is a thought that you think over and over and over and over and over again.

Just like in the ‘fat’ example. You may have been told over and over again as a child that you were ‘going to be big’ like mum. So that thought eventually became your ‘belief’ that you were destined to be fat.

Same can happen around, wealth, happiness, career you name it. What ever you ‘believe to be true has come from repeated thoughts – positive thought or negative thoughts. 
Here’s what you can do

Yes, it will take effort on your part to change. However, if you want something different guess what – a change needs to happen!

This is how change takes place:THOUGHT causes FEELINGS causes ACTIONS that turn into HABITS

If all of the above relates to your positive thought or negative thoughts. Change simply means changing your thoughts.

Easier said than don you say?

Think of it this way.

Thought after all is simply WORDS.

So to have positive thought means to change your WORDS.

Get your copy NOW!

You do this by using these: Powerful ACTIONS

  • When you hear yourself using DON’T, NOT and NO.STOP. Ask yourself this question:“So, what DO I want?”(Try this on negative people around you and see their reaction “wink”)example:I don’t want to loose my customers V. I want to retain my customers. Don’t forget v. Remember to _____ Get the idea? Good.
  • Using positive thought affirmations so they will ‘work’.The WORDS you use must be ‘congruent’ or ‘true’ to your beliefs and how you ‘feel’.So here is how you can re-word any affirmation: 

    I’m in the process of attracting my ideal client.
    I’m in the process of having my ideal body shape.
    I’m in the process of having higher sales this week.
    If you DON’T KNOW how to get what you want then use something like this:I am in the process of having all I need to do, all I need to know or all I need to have to be slim.Get the idea?

Positive Thought IS possible. Like with any HABBIT it happens over time. Just be AWARE of your thoughts because your little robot (subconscious mind) is listening ALL the time. It is this little robot that is amazingly powerful.

Fill your mind with a positve thought for the day. While there, if you have an inspirational story to share...we'd love to hear it!

Make Extra Money is more about your Thoughts 
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