How to use Your Personal Growth to Move Your Business Forward Past the Roadblocks, with Confidence

What are your roadblocks to starting your own home based business? What personal growth have you experienced? 

What stops you from making extra money in your network marketing or business opportunity? How come you aren't achieving the success you deserve? 

From my experience, personal growth is essential, and you WILL experience it – sooner or later. So my view is, the sooner the better!

If you are aware of the, major road blocks, and have strategies available to counter them you will be surprised how these blocks will dissolve. 

So lets look at some of them:

Ok, I am assuming by now, that you know what makes your heart sing. You know what PULLS you towards your passion.

The question is, do you know HOW to go about getting it?

If zero money is a genuine reason for not proceeding with your dream then you really need to get this report on ways to make extra money. 

So, you have come this far in life that means you have been able to learn things - right? That means you have the ability to learn.



So that means you have the ability to learn and so long as you are also WILLING to learn (you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t!), stick with me, and apply what you learn from this website. It will guide you on your way to having a successful home business. That's the fabulous thing about personal growth.

OK you’re excited and ready to start.

In your excitement, you start telling your friends and family about your great plans. WAM! Unexpectedly they start to caution you and give you ‘well meaning’ advice. In shock, you start to question yourself - after all THEY should know - right?

Well, not necessarily, unless they have already succeeded in business. This is where your personal growth comes in handy along with understanding how to approach people with a different mindset.

Be careful WHO you listen to. Unless you are well grounded in ‘why’ you started, your dream will fade all too quickly.

Here’s a simple way to keep focused on why and what you intend to accomplish:

Create your own best day - when your heart sings all day long.

On a BIG piece of paper. On the left-hand side of the page write 1 – 24 for every hour of the day. Like so….




4 etc

Then in beside each hour write what you IMAGINE you are doing on your IDEAL 'best day'. Break it into 15 min lots if you want more detail. Make sure as you do this, you really SEE yourself doing it in detail.

    What does it FEEL like?
    What do you HEAR?
    What can you SMELL?
    What are you TOUCHING?

Mmmm BLISS! Now review this EVERY DAY until it becomes FACT!

Self Confidence

No doubt you have heard that ‘success is a journey’? Well personal growth is a part of that journey that helps to build your self confidence.

"What?", you say. You feel you lack confidence in yourself? OK, now is a good time to start doing something about it.

My suggestion is that you start to really ‘see’ yourself for who you ‘really’ are. (If you don’t like what you see then you have the choice to become who you DO like).

You can do a check-up on yourself morning and night by:

Starting each day by deciding what you want, and focus on that by asking yourself great questions like:

    What is going to be most outstanding/dynamic/excellent thing about today?
    What can I do today that I will be proud of?
    What am I happy about today?
    What am I grateful for today?
    What do I love more about spouse/child/ team today than I did yesterday?
    What do I like/love about my life?

Then just before you fall asleep at night ask yourself more great questions like:

    What was AWESOME about today?
    What did I LEARN today?
    What am I PROUD of myself for today?
    What am I GRATEFUL for today?
    What is going to be most INCREDIBLE about tomorrow?

Remember: what you focus on is what you get.

The personal growth you have will impact your business. So be creative and come up with your own statements! You will find, to have success you will also need to be prepared for change.

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