Do You Feel that 
Cold Calling Really Sucks?
Learn Effective Cold Calling Tips

Learning effective cold calling tips to ease the pain.

The hurt of rejection, that sinking feeling when you know you have to pick up the phone and make those calls When you have your own home based business or looking for network marketing success,finding new customers or clients sometimes means doing things you don't enjoy doing.

It doesn't have to be painful.

The first of my cold calling tips is:

  • Start with the right mindset.Most people feel they have to 'get someone' to 'do something' - as in convince them to buy.That's where you can come unstuck real quick. That mindset is setting yourself up for failure.
  • Secondly,think about the words you use. Are you sounding like a 'sales person'?This is the other major mistake most people make. Just think about the last 'sales person' who called you? Could you smell them a mile off? (smile)

Cold Calling Course

One of the most effective course's on cold calling I have seen (and believe me I've seen a lot over the years!), isAri Galper's Unlock the Game. 

Ari teaches simple, yet effective methods that leave you smiling about your results. Pain free!

These methods can be used even when calling your network marketing leads or any home based business leads.

At the very least...take Ari's test drive... your business will love you for it! 

Cold Calling Tips

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