Are your sales being stiffled by 
old school sales training information?

It's everywhere, old school sales training information. No doubt you are on the receiving end of it just about every day.

You just 'know' that caller is going to try and 'sell you something' so you screen calls, attempt to politely say 'no thank you' but they just keep on keeping on.

On the other hand, when starting a home based business, you'll need to pick up the phone yourself and make some sales calls. Your hands sweat, heart starts to pump you and you find just about anything else to do but pick up that dead weight phone. When you do get the courage you get the same rejection, hang ups and hurt.

It is unfortunately the common story, a result of old school training information that no longer works.

Break Free of the Old School Sales Training

Like you, relationships for me, come first before the sale, you want to treat people with respect yet still make a sale without any pressure.

So how - this is the big question.

That's where Ari Galper of Unlock the Game really strikes a cord with me. He explains the difference between the old mindset and new mindset in this sales training information article.While there make sure you register for his Free Test Drive.

I liked what he teaches, so much so, I became one of his coaches. His coaching teaches you how to be congruent with yourself and make sales at the same time.

Ari Galper Sales Training Information

The entrepreneur sales tools you will get from Ari, is transformational. Also essential for any serious home based business or work from home owner. Selling doesn't have to be painful for you OR the person on the receiving end. 

Oh and by the way, when you check out Ari's coaching, make sure you register for his FREE test drive...there is so much value just in that alone! 

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