Are You Frustrated with Your Network Marketing Sales?
Cold Call Sales Training

Cold Call Sales Training for Network Marketers

Most network marketers don't realize that their cold call sales training originated from 'old school' sales.

Those techniques where you cringe when you experience or attempt to 'do' to others.

  • When it feels like you have to 'convince' someone to buy something they don't need or want.
  • When all you are thinking about is 'making the sale'. 'closing the deal', doing the 'numbers game' and you feel that selling is dehumanizing and painful.

Network Marketing Sales with a New Perspective

Stop the sales pitch and simply start a conversation. How about instead of the 'pitch', simply asking a question about a problem you can solve?

Allow the conversation to follow a natural flow 'without pressure' by simply focusing on their problem.

Instead of:

  • going for the close. How about simply discovering if you are both a fit or not. You are not there to do battle.
  • putting up with rejection eliminate it.
  • chasing people until they tell you to 'get lost', how about finding the truth and see if there is a match for you both.
  • overcoming or challenging objections. Rather, simply validate them and re open the conversation.
  • defending yourself, your product or service. Eliminate the pressure this causes. Defending will only create sales pressure.

When you have the right sales training that will give you a mindset shift, your network marketing sales will become fun and comfortable.

Ari Galper, founder of Unlock The Game, makes cold calling painless and simple. Learn his free cold calling secrets even the sales gurus don't know. To receive your 10 free audio mini-lessons visit 

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