Make your first thoughts your most positive thought of the day

How do you start your day? Is it your most positive thought of the day or do you allow EVENTS to unfold then respond according to those events? What you give attention energy and focus to is what you get

The more you 'notice' when things 'aren't working' right for you. You start telling everyone about what's going wrong.

You then notice that more things 'go wrong' and before you know it you've had a terrible day.

Are you passionate about a particular topic?

A hobby, sport, craft or even a book?

Learn how to turn you passion into income.

Change your words

A decision is all it takes to change the course of your day.

You 'think' in words. So to have a positive thoughts it simply means changing the words you use and focus on.


As soon as you start to notice things happening that you 'don't want'.

Press your reset button.

Ask your self: "So what DO I want?"

That alone can change your thoughts so you can have a positive thoughts throughout the day. Keep 'noticing' what IS working and celebrate your wonderful day.

HINT: Repeat tomorrow! 

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