Empowering You to Create an Income 
Without a Job and a Life of Joy!

Imagine. You create an income without a job. As the director, script writer, and star of your life, what would your life now look like?

  • What's stopped you from being able to create an income without a job?
  • What would need to happen now, for you to be able to move forward and create that income?

How I Help

I will show you flexible, simple and effective income options that will allow you to stay home and follow your heart.

I help you see your own possibilities discover your true passion.

How to avoid the scams, what to look for in a real business. 

'Delmae has been the most amazing teacher and mentor. Her patience, persistence and depth of knowledge has guided me to make crucial decisions for my life.
---Jo Hazelhurst, South Africa.

Help shorten your learning curve

  • Learn how to develop an income that can continue to flow regardless of your effort. Create an income without a job.
  • Have access to resources that can help move you to the next step of owning your life.
  • Get into action and not be afraid of following your heart. Being bold enough to make mistakes.
  • Learn from someone who has gone down the path before you, step by step.
Then - Once on your path

 Be gently prodded and encouraged towards your goal. 

What You Gain

  • Renewed sense of purpose and passion.
  • Joy and contentment in following your heart.
  • Get to free up your precious time - so you can be where your heart is.
  • Ease the stress in your life so you can become excited by the possibilities in front of you.
  • Give you choices so you can have the time, money and health to be, do and have it all.

'Delmae, I would really like to thank you for your inspiration! I visited your site feeling confused and looking for a way to empower myself, in my business as well as my private life, and came away with much more - clarity, inspiration and a sudden, clear knowledge of what I wanted to do.'
--Maree Clarkson, South Africa.

Here's How it Works

Figuring how to create an income without a job can be difficult and frustrating because it's not the way most of us have been taught to think about creating an income.

  • As your Personal Mentor my role is to walk alongside you, as you live this great adventure.

  • You get the benefit of 25 + years of direct sales, network marketing and owning my own home based business experiences. Showing you what you may need to learn along the way.

  • Learn how to create an income with a range of products that are having dramatic health results. Where the manufacturer manages the drop shipping for you and how by doing a job once you can potentially get paid on that activity forever.

  • Products that historically have long term consistent re-order rate – that potentially gives solid lifetime commissions and re-occurring income as a result.
  • Fill a growing and huge demand in health.
  • Coaching and Support Achieve your goals by building a loose network of independent entrepreneurs all working towards similar and ultimate result.
  • Process for your success – training – resources
  • Start with the mindset of 'service' learning to communicate value in such a way that people see and appreciate your value. This will 'attract' people to your home based business removing the 'struggle'.

Find out how here... 

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