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A Business Joint Venture

Business Joint Venture Every day I am so grateful that I put in the effort years ago to create and develop a homebased business that allowed me to work from home and continues to pay me a passive or residual income week in, week out. 

A result of a good solid customer base, team work and strategic alliance with a major manufacturer.

The satisfaction of helping others is gratifying.

However, let's not be totally altruistic about this because after all business is about making a profit, right?

Now it's time to take that to the next level and success only comes by helping others to be successful.

So I'm now looking to build a strategic alliance and business joint venture with someone on a win win basis.

Here's How It Works.

Ideally, you are looking to start a home based business, maybe you've had experience with a business in the past or not, that doesn't matter.

What is important is that you are potentially a Star, looking for a legitimate business joint venture you can do from home, that is real and works. It is your life experiences, credibility, and unique talents that will ultimately stand you in good stead.

You want to make a difference, you want to share your services but you don't want to sell your soul or sacrifice your integrity in the process.

You believe nutrition matters. Intrigued by a business joint venture, have funds available for ongoing marketing and you love 'thinking outside the box'.

Business Joint Venture- Partnership- People Helping People

The criteria for your IDEAL potential business is:

  • A potentially global market place.With the growth of access to the internet this makes this a possibility more then ever before. It also has created an almost unlimited market place.
  • Product that people need or desire.As Richard Russell says, an "inelastic" demand -- almost regardless of price.
  • Product that is Unique and Consumable.Preferably copyrighted and patented and when the jar empties the demand is for more.
  • Use Other Peoples Time.Keep your own staff and time requirements low.
  • Low Overheads.Low inventory, low or no staffing costs, simple office location (home) minimal amounts of resources used e.g. electricity, legal advice.
  • Low or No Large Cash to Start.Keep equipment and capital requirements low. Lack of capital is often one of the major causes of start up business failures.
  • Cash flow.It is no fun funding your client’s inventory and being their banker with 30day, 90 day credit.
  • Minimal Government and Industry RegulationsIf you’ve ever had your own business you will smile nodding agreement with this.
  • Flexible, Portable or Can Be Moved Easily.No matter where you are located your business will still operate. The internet again is making this more and more possible for many people.
  • Satisfaction.What’s the point of working if there is no real joy or personal satisfaction? Work then becomes fun.
  • Frees Up Your Time.Beware of those business’s that require you attention 12 to 18 hours a day! Balance is essential.
  • Income Is not Tied to Your Hourly Input.In other words, you don’t want that 1 hour = $x. There are only so many hours in the day (lawyers and doctors have this problem). An example of unlimited income, are authors, musicians (royalty income).

Well that list is quite some list!

Let's explore how we can build a strategic alliance including as many of those things as possible.

What I Offer

  • Coaching and support for this business joint venture. Helping you achieve your goals and building a loose network of independent entrepreneurs all working towards a similar ultimate result.
  • Fill a growing and huge demand in health.
  • Build a strategic alliance with a major manufacturer that provides an exceptional range of products that are having dramatic health results.

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