How to maintain positive
thought at work

Sounds great in theory – but to do it! Well, another story! So how do you maintain positive thought at work, home or anywhere, for that matter. Particularly when things just aren’t going ‘right’ like they ‘should’ and you feel the negative emotions rising up to take hold. You feel the fear, doubt, anger or frustration.

What then?

Before we go into practical examples of what you can do to keep positive thought at work, it helps to have a basic understanding about how your brain and emotions work.

Words are thoughts and thoughts cause feelings

How you ‘feel’ in each moment can only be one of two things -‘negative’ or ‘positive’.

Yes that’s right what you think in this moment you are either feeling or creating a negative or positive ‘feeling’.

Stop and notice.

If words make up your current thoughts and those thoughts cause you to ‘feel’ a certain way i.e. positive or negative.

What would be the most logical way of changing how you feel?

That’s right…change your thoughts OR change the WORDS you are using or thinking. Make sense? To help grab a positive thought for the day.

If you are like me, you want to ‘feel good’ want positive thought at work, right? Those who ‘enjoy” feeling bad… well, we wont go there! It's all part of your personal growth 

A powerful Action

Now that we know we want to change our feelings, and we do that by changing the words and thoughts we use ‘in the moment’, here is a way to maintain positive thought at work or anywhere.

Let’s use the example of being frustrated with potential clients/customers. Write a list of things you find annoying or frustrate you about your potential clients/ customers

On the left put what you don’t like. To gain clarity on the right (after you’ve written list of things you don’t like) turn those negatives into what you DO want. Like this

Clarity through Contrast finding my ideal prospect/customer

Contrast (what you don’t like)

Clarity (what you do like)

Doesn’t show up

Shows up promptly


Active, eager to learn, excited


Decisive, willing to take calculated risks

No Money

Willing to invest

No Time

Willing to put in the time


How do you ‘feel’ when you think of ‘what you DO want’? It is usually energy or excitement? Positive feelings, right? 


A short cut to changing how you feel in the moment is to press the RESET button.

You can do this by asking yourself the simple question:

So what DO I want

This helps you to use WORDS that will make you ‘feel good’ again.

HINT: If you have negative people around you complaining, try asking them that question “So what DO you want” and see what happens (wink)

HINT TWO: Using this powerful excecise you can become clear on many different areas e.g.

You can be clear on:

  • your ideal prospect
  • your ideal business
  • your ideal partner
  • your ideal presentation

Get the picture?

Now go and create positive thought at work and home and live a life of joy. 

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Positive Thought for the Day 
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