How to Choose Your
Best Home Based Business Idea

You’ve done your research; you are fairly confident and excited that you have a top home based business idea, just perfect for you. BUT there are still some doubts. You don’t want to waste your time and effort on a home based business idea – again!

You’ve heard: Your answer is only as good as the questions you ask. Talk about total dumbness.

I wasted over $3,200 and maybe like four (4) years asking ALL THE WRONG questions.

  • WRONG QUESTION: Does your home based business program operate in other countries?
  • WRONG QUESTION: Does your upline earn $50,000 per month?
  • WRONG QUESTION: Does your company manufacture their own products oh and, does your nutrition products have X,Y,Z ingredients?

Think about it. NONE of that adds up to money. It's just an indecisive re-run wasting your time. Ask better questions

  • BETTER QUESTION: Is the leadership of your company that STARTED your company STILL visible, active and in place?WHY is that a good question? BECAUSE that question identifies whether or not the company can maintain it's original leadership.Look, if you are THINKING like a legitimate business person and not some re-run get-rich quicker, you are THINKING long term.SO ask intelligent LONG term questions about the idea for a home business.
  • BETTER QUESTION: Before I enroll with you what is your track record? I want to enroll with someone who is doing-the-do, not someone just blowing their own horn.Here is what that means:BE a BUSINESS person and only work and enroll with someone who is at least earning $200 to $500 per month.Set higher standards for yourself and for the person TRYING to recruit you with their home based business idea.MISTAKE: Do you falsely think that enrolling with a MAJOR PLAYER is your answer? Guess what, most major players (with gold implants) are so busy running their army that they have little time' for newbies.So, think twice before you search for the Holy Grail and look for a Millionaire to enroll you!You need to build a business, not to make new friends on-line.Logic. Just logic.
  • BETTER QUESTION: (ask this)DO YOU have an off line system.Look guys, let me give the [Network Marketing] WISDOM of the AGES:ALL and I mean all great programs have a GREAT off line process.

Here is a SECRET and a hidden Network Marketing factor that the brand NEW people never think to INVESTIGATE about their new home based business idea:

  1. ALL great Network Marketing programs perpetuate and explode FIRST off line. Moreover, all GREAT MLM's and significant downlines have a POWER PACK of off line systems and tools.Don't they.BE SMART: Look at that and investigate that BEFORE you join a home based business program.
  2. The only people attempting to sell you an INTERNET MLM are get rich quickers who have TERRIBLE social skills, who can't recruit others and lead, and who HIDE, literally, behind their computers.Does the "hot" MLM site that you use have an off-line audio tape? No? That's because they do not have any true DIRECT RESPONSE in their system.Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Dumb and getting dumber. I used to be. Then I learned HOW TO EVALUATE any home based business idea objectively. I learned how to take the information I’d accumulated and turned that into a passive income for my family and me.

YOU certainly can too. You can and you know you can! How to make that final decision?

Use this simple but powerful tool to help you work through these questions and any other questions you feel are important to your decision.

You will then see with clarity and be able to Choose It! Choose the best home based business idea - for you.

Oh. You’ll want to bookmark this page ‘cause this neat little tool can be used for many, many other questions too.

Like being able to:

  • Help your children with career choices,
  • Family holiday choices
  • Maybe even how to choose a website provider like I recommend in my home based business resourcelinks (wink)

Enjoy! Choose It! 

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