Follow Your Heart When You 
Start a Home Business

When you start a home business, it is important to follow your heart and passion listening to your intuition.

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Over the years that has worked well for me.

Circumstances change life moves on.

It is at these points I have found it useful to listen to my heart and follow my intuition as to what the 'next' adventure will be.

Steve Jobs in his 2005 address to Stanford Graduates says it so well.

Have a listen now....

It's not about focusing on 'making the money'. If you find your passion it dosn't mean you have to make money from it (if you do, that is all the better).

If today were to be your last day of life would you want to do what you are about to do today?

For many it is finding a way to start a home business that provides the money so you CAN follow your heart. Even then, when you start a business for that reason, you can still focus on your contribution to those you serve in your business.

It is this attitude that can make the world of difference. At least, that is what has worked for me. 

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