Womens Home Based Business
Maree's Story

Maree's Story of a Womens Home Based Business

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Maree is an inspiration and delight and yet when we first met online I sensed her 'desperation' and frustration with life.

In a very short space of time after speaking with me, Maree became'unstoppable' and full of passion.

Maree says she is passionate about life, God, her grand children, animals, birds in particular (A Cockatoo, 2 Cockatiels, 2 ducks, a goose and she's sure she own's all her garden birds), cars, 'The Secret' , the beach, property, creativity, re-firement (no, it's not spelt wrong!), gardening, interior design (but not run of the mill), building, painting, sketching, writing, poetry, CRYSTALS, healing, self-help and anything interesting and inspirational.

Despite that, Maree felt the need to do something completely on her own but couldn't seem to be able to take the necessary steps forward. 

Thanks for the Inspiration!

In fact I should be the one thanking Maree for her inspiration. Anyway, as a result of our conversations, this is what transpired in Maree's own words:

"I've almost completed my website now and would really like to thank you for your inspiration! I visited your site feeling confused and looking for a way to empower myself, in my business as well as my private life, and came away with much more - clarity, inspiration and a sudden, clear knowledge of what I wanted to do. The idea of a website for our business had been lingering in the back of my mind for about 3 months, but I didn't know much about networking and wasn't sure whether this was the route to go. After speaking with you and following up on all your advice and suggestions, I suddenly found myself inundated with ideas and REAL opportunities falling into my lap. I found my PASSION again, and all thanks to you! May your own home based business go from strength to strength and may you continue being an inspiration to everybody who's life you come into contact with."

--Maree Clarkson, South Africa. www.clarksonsclassiccars.co.za

Developing a real, legitimate home based business is possible, women are building successful home based business. As Nike says, 'Just Do It'. 

Learn how I can help you, create an income without a job, so you can stay home and follow your heart.Is this You?

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