Direct Sales Opportunity v. Network Marketing Opportunity – Is There Really Any Difference?

To understand the difference between a direct sales opportunity and a network marketing opportunity is understanding the difference between a ‘salesperson’ and a ‘non-salesperson’. To start with, let’s look at most people's understanding of sales:

A sales person is seen to “convince, cajole, pressure others into buying, getting something they don’t want or don't really need.”

I don’t know about you, but I like to make friends 'not loose them'. I have been in a direct sales opportunity andif done 'right' you don’t need to pressure people.

It is possible to learn how to build and expand your direct sales and network marketing business with or without your friends family and neighbours. Sales People

Most sales people (5% of the population) are used to speaking with strangers; they can go out and ‘sell’ 10 people a product or service or opportunity, then another 10 the next week, then another 10 the week after. However, by that time the first 10 may have left the business because the time wasn’t spent in ‘teaching them’ what to do and how to do it.

Sales people can make a lot of money up front with a direct sales opportunity or even a network marketing opportunity, but then will move on to the next thing, without taking the time to build a solid foundation. Without giving themselves and the people they bring in a chance to succeed for the long term.

Non-Sales People

On the other hand, a non sales person (95% of the population) is happy to meet a stranger who has beenintroduced to them by a friend.

In other words, the non sales person can enjoy making a friend then meet their friend, make a friend meet their friend. – UNDERSTAND THAT and you understand network marketing - in simple terms.

This is also why it is so important to have the right network marketing pay plan that will support the non sales person.

Understand the Real Difference

Take a look at this diagram to help understand more about the difference between a direct sales opportunity  and a network marketing opportunity:

Direct Salespeople   vs

Network Marketers

Full Time

Some Time







Protected Territories

No Territories


This means, for a direct sales opportunity or a traditional business wanting to move $1,000,000 of product you would have as an example:

100 Salespeople each selling $10,000 of productall working for a ‘sales manager’.

On the other hand with network marketing, you would have:

10,000 Volunteers each mostly consuming $100 of product

having the ‘sponsor’ working 'for' you.

Now lets break this down a little more for $20,000 worth of product:

You could go out and sell $20,000 of products personally in your direct sales opportunity, but that would be a full-time job. So why not consider sponsoring just one person? Then each of you would only have to sell $10,000 of product each.

Or, maybe you and your new associate could each sponsor one new person so there would be four of you in you direct sales opportunity. Then you would only need to sell $5,000 in product each. But if you really wanted to make it easier, maybe each of you could sponsor just two people each for your network marketing opportunity , use some product yourselves and then help those two to repeat, etc., etc., etc.'

Can you see the difference? Does that make sense?


Understand THIS and your excitement will keep you awake at night!

When those same 10,000 people are consuming or using $100 worth of product that they purchase directly from the company EVERY month (by their OWN choice!)

THAT is a REAL and powerful ASSET that creates passive or residual income.

So you see:

Network Marketing is simply a lot of people each doing a little bit.

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