How to Know What is an Honest Network Marketing Program

What constitutes an honest network marketing program? Firstly, understand in ANY market there are really only four basic methods of moving products:

  1. Retail e.g. grocery store, department store etc.
  2. Direct Sales e.g. insurance, cookware, encyclopaedias, Avon lady, Tupperware etc.
  3. Network Marketing
  4. Mail Order

A fifth type often confused with Network Marketing or MLM is PYRAMID SALES…which is ILLEGAL!

The promoters of these network marketing scams or illegal pyramids often unfortunately, attempt to pass themselves off as network marketing.

An honest network marketing program has genuine products at reasonable prices, with the need for very little inventory (don’t need a garage full of product) and you aren’t paid to recruit (head-hunter fee).

Like with ANY business some are successful and some aren’t so successful. It is important for you to do your own due diligence.

There is generally a lot of confusion between direct sales and network marketing probably because you’ve had someone knock on your door to sell you something. ( Understand more about what network marketing IS and ISN'T) One of the main differences with Network Marketing is that you are in business FOR YOURSELF but not BY YOURSELF.

This gives you tax breaks (like write off a % of your travel and accommodation costs if you legitimately will do business with other people while there - checking with your accountant of course) and the ability to buy products at wholesale using them for your own consumption.

You can, if you choose to, sell these products at RETAIL and make a PROFIT.

However the most common misunderstanding is the notion that you HAVE TO sell retail to be successful. You are required to have only a small number of RETAIL or PREFFERD Customers.

The REAL success is in building an honest network marketing program where products are moved through a network of consumers who love to share a good thing!

This loose network of people make the most of the compounding factor and power of word of mouth (which happens to be THE MOST effective and fastest way to let the market know).

'The richest people in the world built networks everybody else looks for work'. 

- Robert T Kiyosaki

Now that you understand the difference…when you understand the POWER of TWO…that is powerful!

This is also a SELF MOTIVATOR because as you teach and train others these concepts you get re motivated about the power of this business each time you teach it. Let’s go to basic maths here: Starting with you finding 2 who find two etc…

2 x 2 becomes 4

4 x 2 becomes 8

8 becomes 16

which becomes 32..

64, 236 Assuming a mathematical projection.

So it’s not YOU doing ALL the work. It’s everyone using the products each month and doing a little – finding a few of people to repeat process. (Not lots and lots of customers like one would need for a traditional biz.)

Learn a simple 3 step system that will allow you to 'own your life'. 

Building an honest network marketing program is like when build a tall building; you build deep foundations for strength.

First you start out with a shovel to find your own 2 – 4 serious people. Then as you teach these people there are now 32 of you or 64 of you. You now have a bulldozer. Once you are 4 deep your new building is starting to become ‘visible’ and your building starts to rise rapidly.

If you have an exceptional consumable product, the power of everyone using the products and reordering every month will produce a re-occurring income stream for life.

So build an honest network marketing program ONCE and build it right – for life.

Learn a simple 3 step system that will allow you to 'own your life' now. 

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