How to Know When You Have Found the Right Network Marketing Business Partner

When looking for a network marketing business partner the two of the biggest mistakes people make is:

  1. To ‘think’ they have found the right network marketing business partner who will be just ‘perfect’ for this and they can sit back and ‘make all their money off this one person’. NO! NO! NO! Not so.Fact is, your new network marketing business partner can have a huge circle of influence, lots of contacts, great personality etc etc but if they don't have the deep down burning desire. It just won’t happen!
  2. To believe you have found a ‘great sales person’ who has the gift of the gab and they know EVERYONE!Well, it is the salesperson who is MOST likely to fail UNLESS they understand how this business REALLY works.
Each network marketing business partner

 you sponsor starts out as a SILVER ship. Some will become GOLD others will become MT (empty). Too often I see people spending their time convincing the MT that this will work. MT’s tend to be negative and easily discouraged.

The GOLD on the other hand will think they don’t need help or direction they just run with it and really go – well maybe not - UNLESS they understand the success keys of building depth and DUPLICATION.


TIP: How YOU work with your network marketing business partner will basically determine whether they turn to GOLD or become EMPTY.


Most people can only work with 2 -4 people at a time. When I talk about you finding your 2 – 4 network marketing business partners I mean SERIOUS PEOPLE or GOLD.

The more SILVER’s you have that turn to gold the less you have to sponsor to get your 2- 4 serious people.

Here is how you will know you have a GOLD or a SERIOUS PERSON:

They are :

  • EAGER to LEARN. They call you all the time with many questions.
  • ASK for HELP. They’ll have someone they want you to see with them to sponsor or train.
  • EXCITED about the business and understand enough to know it will work!
  • COMMITTED to Buying and USING the products and spend time learning all they can.
  • FUN to be with.
  • POSITIVE – it’s contagious.
Own Your Life

They have

  • GOALS – a burning desire to achieve them.
  • A LIST of names written (doesn’t have to be long just the people they want to go on a cruise with). These are written so more can be added as they think of someone and people aren’t forgotten.

The real difference between the SILVER and GOLD is the silver hasn’t been in long enough to UNDERSTAND it to the point of really getting serious.

How am I to work with the Silvers to help then turn to Gold?


  1. EXPOSE the person to your business (using the tools) Explain how you make the money. (see here)
  2. INVOLVE them by taking them on a trip in the car. ( Showing them what they will be doing)
  3. UPGRADE: Activate their business.


TIP: IT is VERY important when you phone your network marketing business partner that they realize you are calling because you WANT TO HELP not PUSH them.


An empty ship will give you the feeling you are harassing them. If your network marketing business partner sinks (leaves the business) you don’t want them to drag you down.

So spend your time with the Silver’s and Gold’s. When the Silvers and Empties who haven’t left, see you moving forward, they may suddenly wake up and want to join you and start calling YOU.

If you try and stop them from sinking you are likely to go down with them.

Zig Ziglar says, “You can have anything in the world that you want, simply by HELPING enough OTHER PEOPLE to get what they want”.


TIP: Before calling someone in your network marketing business partner, phone someone ‘down-line’ for some good news to then relay back to them giving them encouragement.


By the way, YOU are not an empty as you have read this far and well on your way to becoming GOLD if you aren’t already!

Just remember: Your network marketing business partner’s are people, and are free to make their own choices. Our role is to simply direct them to what works – it is totally up to them to actually do it.

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