How I Shrunk Almost 2 Sizes in 8 Weeks using a little Known Healthy Weight Loss Program

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Yes it does sound too good to be true shrinking nearly 2 sizes using a little known healthy weight loss program.

It started in my mid forties, that extra weight. An inch here, an inch there, I didn’t think much of it at first I had always been basically the same size for years.

I hadn’t changed anything. Eating habits and exercise the same.

Buying the new clothes to fit was fun. After all what women doesn’t like new clothes. Even if it is because your clothes shrunk!

Frustration of it all!

Over the years I tried all sorts of things from exercise to many varieties of diets. Eventually I figured that maybe it was simply THAT middle age spread and I just had to accept the change of life thing.

Being vegetarian appeared to make it harder to find suitable healthy weight loss programs as all appeared to recommend chicken or turkey or other non vegetarian proteins. Grrr.

Delmae - Before I lost weight

My friend Mark, one day mentioned he was introducing a new healthy weight loss program into the country and would I like to try it?

Why not?

Sceptical. What did I have to loose by giving it a go. I was totally fed up with the way I was anyway.

At first I noticed no change. Here we go again! WOW!

My mum had been staying when I started this healthy weight loss program and I’d been grumbling about it not working.

Two weeks later on her return from visiting other family members, I commented excitedly to her that ‘my jeans were getting baggy!”

It was hard to contain my excitement at this shrinking phenomena! It wasn’t so much the weight I lost it was more the INCHES that were disappearing! 

8 weeks later!

After 8 weeks on this healthy weight loss program I had dropped nearly 2 sizes!

Look at me now!

As I write this I have one more inch to go to fit into a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear for the past 8 years. (Keeping them ‘just in case’!)

I know that inch will melt off.

It’s not just looking good that is exciting. Having less to carry around naturally makes me FEEL better about myself as well.

Want to ask me questions directly? Simply type your question in the chat box above. 

8 Weeks After! Down Nearly 2 sizes!

Learn all about the healthy weight loss program here 

OR: I know my friend Mark would be happy to chat with you

When Mark gave me this healthy weight loss program (he knew it would work – wink) he asked me to give him the courtesy of letting you know how I got hold of the program.

So, will this work for you? I have no idea. I do know it worked for me.

Here’s how you can contact Mark

Simply complete the form below and I will send it directly to him.He can answer your questions. All to technical for me!

Nice guy, I know he’ll look after you.

Mark, I want to lose inches like Delmae did. Please tell me more!

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