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My mum was and is a great role model, mentor and inspiration.

I am constantly challenged and inspired by her willingness to learn and grow.

Mum - old lady

Here briefly are a few highlights and strengths that she passed down and instilled in me.

Pushing your boundaries

You see, at 88 she is 'pushing the envelope' of technology.

She only started to learn the computer at 70. Last year she produced a power point of my life's history for my birthday party.

There was many a time she would call me asking for help and I would have to say, "Sorry Mum, I have no idea!" The programs she was using were way out of my league!

Now at 88 she is producing a DVD! She's given up asking me...she now asks her grandchildren for help!

Just because you are retired doesn't mean you have to stop living...

Take a look at what other retires are doing these days! 


It takes a very strong woman to raise 4 children in isolation.

That was my mum.

Married to a 'missionary' living in a third world country, just after the war, where the 'comforts of home' were few and far between.

She raised and home schooled us for many many years.

THAT takes courage, endurance and patience.


When I was about to finish high school and looking for guidance. I asked her what she thought I could do for a career.

Her answer?

"You can be anything you choose to be". How profound!


These are only 'a few' of the things my mother 'passed' on to me as my mentor and inspiration to move towards my own goals within my home based business.

Not only that, when I started one of my 'new' business ventures promoting a new line of nutrtional productsthat were having some dramatic health results.

My mother was willing to put aside her preconceived ideas about 'vitamins' and was willing to read and understand what made these products so different. Once she understood she then had to get her hands on the products I was promoting and at 90 now is for ever grateful to me for introducing them to her.

If you don't have a mother that provides a positive role model for you then go search for another. There are many. You just need to look.

A mentor also doesn't need to be there with you in person. Books can provide you with mentors as well.

Other Mentors

Some of my other mentors are people like Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen and Bob Proctor. 

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