How to Build a Network Marketing Business While Being Busy With Life

Let me show you how to build a network marketing business while still doing what you are already doing - even if you don't have TIME! In fact, it is BEST if at first you DON’T change. I have seen too many give up their day job before making any money with their network marketing business and wondered why ‘it didn’t work'.

First of all how to build a network marketing business with FOUR things you MUST DO:

  1. Agree to regularly use the products. (Assuming they are quality products you'd want to use anyway)
  2. Initially find 2 – 4 people (if marketing a nutritional program )who want better health, better nutrition, want to make money and are willing to regularly use the products (this is what creates your re-occuring income – being paid over and over for initial effort) and who will also agree to finding 2 – 4 people themselves who will repeat the process.
  3. Teach the people you “sponsored” how to repeat the process. Such as: ordering of products and getting started how to build and train your team. MOST importantly teach the SYSTEM (only takes 10 min to learn.)
  4. Education/learning about products, company and business model through reading, listening and Annual Convention.
What will my day look like?

That will depend on how serious you are, simply - it means being willing to have friendly conversations with people…these can be over coffee, a meal, casually…really anywhere you are and with anyone … talking with them about THEIR life and offering them “a better way” showing them how they can 'own their life'.

Most initial conversations should only be about 2 – 3 minutes. (Any longer and you are talking TOO MUCH) Then you would direct them to where they can find out more…website, tape, CD or book etc.

Following up with these people to have their questions handled (if you can’t handle the questions this is where you get your ‘sponsor/ or support person’ to work for you!) and collect a decision (yes or no) from them.

Learning and educating yourself about your business and having a simple system that takes about 10 minutes to learn. 

How many people will I have to talk to, to find my 2 –4 serious people?

That depends on you. Your sphere of influence, credibility, connections, communication skills and people skills.. Everyone is different.

And if I don’t have much of these? The question then would be…are you willing to LEARN? Be taught? Like going back to school but more fun?

When learning you will want to make sure you WHO teaches you. I have high regard for these MLM training courses. So, how to build a network marketing business when you don’t have much time?

Simple. USE the TOOLS! Use this simple 3 Step System and "own your life"! 

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