Health Products Nutritional Supplements and MLM

What do health products nutritional supplements and mlm have in common? Nutritional supplements health and fitness is such a hot topic these days. So to is Network Marketing, MLM and affiliate programs, they are so similar.

As a baby boomer looking to stay younger for longer, I look for any edge I can get! I know I'm not alone there!

According to the National Marketing Institute (NMI)the US Health and Wellness Product sales reached $79 billion in 2005, up 15% from 2004.

Paul Zane Pilzer in his report "The Perfect Storm of Opportunity" says:

    The emerging industries of Wellness and Network Marketing are combining to create today's

    - and tomorrow's - new wealth.

The Convergence of Trends Spells Opportunity!

Health and fitness, staying younger for longer as well as major shifts in financial requirements and expectations of baby boomer's AND their children, is the cause of these major market trends.

Also, an underlying desire to build something of value, focusing on interdependence, co-operation versus competition and win at all costs. The 'old' way of 'doing life' is changing.

These powerful combinations is driving People Power - The power of People Helping People, is creating a quiet revolution. Combining health products nutritional supplements and mlm is the ULTIMATE in win-win.


The joy of being able to contribute to your families health is just one small reward.

My mum is forever grateful that when I started my new business venture promoting a line of nutritional products that are having dramatic health results, I told her about them and helped her build enough customers to help cover the cost of her product.

Now, at 90, attributes a lot of her good health to these products. 

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