Baby Boomer Trends

It is fascinating watching the current baby boomer trends.

Take for example the fact that most people don’t wake up each morning saying, “I will be a slave today, I will play ‘small’ and accept being told what ‘level’ or what ‘rung of the ladder’ I will be on.” 

No, life just happens and people just simply don’t know how to get out of this cycle. Not realising 'the other baby boomers' feel the same way.

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After the war

One of the baby boomer trends after the war was, as the soldiers came home from war, the population exploded.

These children created huge demand and growth industries emerged and causing major economic growth. This in turn caused a huge demand for workers. Employment came easy and long term ‘job security’ was the norm.

The world has changed

These baby boomer trends have changed the world again. This time their children. The boomer's had around 2.3 children unlike their parents who’s average was around four children.

The baby boomer's only 'replaced themselves' and caused a slowing of economic demand which has lead to more competition for jobs.

The children are now competing with their parents for the corporate job. Not to mention that more women are now in the work force.

There are also other more subtle trends caused by this the huge baby boomer demographic. Lets take a quick look at some of these.

There is a shift from:

baby boomer trends

More and more people are now starting to ‘wake up’ and realise they want to and have to move away from accepting:

The only way to earn income is climb the ladder…for example accepting the prescribed "level" of pay:

  • CEO: $800,000
  • Upper Management: $300 - 500,000
  • Chief of Sales: $150,000
  • Top Salesman: $150,000
  • His Secretary: $34,000

Not good. Not bad.

But if given a choice, the baby boomer trends is to demand what one is ‘worth’. Adding entrepreneurial income to their main source of income.

It also takes a certain MIND SET to become entrepreneurial. If you want this MINDSET I highly recommend getting free ebook Science of Getting Rich There is a huge demand for alternative and additional ways to make money, you just have to look online to see the growth of websites promoting ‘work from home’, or ‘make extra money’ and have your own‘home based business’ to know they are tapping into these fast and growing baby boomer trends. Particularly baby boomer retirement.

The Inspiration Economy is Here.Are You Ready For 77,000,000 Boomer's?

There is a trend upon us. So read carefully and cash in.

“The SECRET” is here. It’s a new movement on-line.The trend is to lead with inspiration, not money.Make $1,000 to $25,000 per week/month. But inspire first.

I first read this and was rendered speechless. I share with you out of sheer admiration, love and fellowship.

This man (Joe Schroeder) has clearly tapped into something most others can’t see. (Right click link to download pdf) Prediction 2007 ebook.

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