Baby Boomer Trends:
Are you happy?

Baby boomer trends.

There is a shift

It use to be about WEALTH:

‘get that bigger house’, buy the ‘nice car’ and the ‘toys for the boys’


Its far more about LIFESTYLE:

Lifestyle  House in Dinner Plain, Australia
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It’s about ‘ time with the family’, reducing the ‘pressure’, ‘flexibility’, moving to a more ‘relaxed environment’ and starting a business ‘because I want to’..

family fun in home based business

Basic Economic Problem

"Human existence has been preoccupied with the production and consumption of wealth, the desire for which seems to arise from man’s basic impulse to increase his lifestyle (my word). The concepts of wealth and lifestyle, therefore, stand at the heart of economics”.

Hardwick, Khan and Mead, An Introduction to Modern Economics, Longman, 1992

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Are you happy?

FACT: Most people hate their job. They only go to work to earn money and the social aspects of their job.

So what is important has shifted.

The boomer trend is on the move again.

Looking for happiness in their relationships, character traits of honesty and integrity are now back in favour along with an interest in spirituality and the desire to start a business ‘because they want to’.

Lifestyle Revolution

In front of the boomer trends for better lifestyle is Network Marketing, simply because it allows you to:

  • work when you like,
  • where you like
  • as much as you like.

And it is not only the boomers but their children who are looking for the ultimate, lifestyle and happiness.

A great resource to help figure is the book, "How to Own Your Life" you can get the first chapter for free here. 

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