Why You Need to Take Notice of the Baby Boomer Demographic

The baby boomer demographic is one of the most powerful groups that have been changing the face of the world since the day they were born. 
The baby boomer balloon has been moving along slowing creating major market trends as it moves along the time line. 

Starting from straight after the war, now the first of them heading into retirement and old age.

Take a look at what has been happening for the past 50 years or so and some of the industries they have impacted along the way….

Take a look at what has been happening for the past 50 years or so and some of the industries they have impacted along the way….

The Baby Boomer Demographic Years

So why are the baby boomer demographics so important?

The first of them are heading into retirement

Just look around at all the retirement developments happening. What about the strain on health facilities?

Hey Did You see me before I shrunk nearly 2 sizes
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It is also the first time that not only are the baby boomers intent on continuing to look good, stay young and maintain their health with optimum nutrition.  

As a result there is a baby boomer fitness boom. The Generation X’s are interested in the same thing as the baby boomer demographic are, only for a different reason. Not only that, both of these groups are looking for ways to either make money from home or extra income, again for different reasons.

The Boomers want retirement income planning because they are coming to the end of their work life. The younger generation want to quit work so they can do what they love NOW!

Demand and Supply

It is this powerful DEMAND that causes a need for SUPPLY – if you are in an industry that can fill that demand – and fill it well (both of these groups want quality at a fair price) Then you can set yourself up for life. – If you know how.

Tomorrow's New Wealth

Paul Zane Pilzer is an economist who is well known for his predictions coming true. He says that people want to know, "What can I do in this new economy to succeed, to take care of myself and my family?"

His article from the December 2005, Success from Home Magazine The Perfect Storm of Opportunity (pdf file) gives an exceptional big picture look at these baby boomer demographic trends and what you can do to tap into them effectively.

If you’d like to know my favorite way to create a long term reoccurring income for retirement. Get the first chapter of the Book my residual income. 

>>Listen to the Baby Boomer Demographic podcast here.<< 

Decent Honest Hard working People Frustrated with Current Circumstances 

Now with retirement looming I see all around me decent, honest, hard working men and women trying to figure out how to retire comfortably, or find ways to be at home with the kids, contribute to your family finances AND STILL have a life. 

It doesn't have to be that way. 

What I have found is so profound, I just HAVE to share it with others... 

So are YOU fed up with having your choices limited by lack of money? 

Do yourself a favour and take the tour for yourself and your families sake....you are just moments away from changing your lives... take the tour now... 

Boomer Trends 
Baby Boomer Trends 
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