Registered Nurses:
Tired of the Heavy Lifting, Shift Work?
RN Work from Home Options

At first glance rn work from home options maybe limited. After all you care for people and they don't live with you! Speaking with a friend of mine, in her late fifties she still has to work. She is not a registered nurse however she is a nurse aid she gets most of the heavy work and long hours. 

Shift Work, Lack of Flexibility Heavy work can wreck havoc on social and family life. Like most nurses, she is warm hearted and caring, enjoying caring for her patients. However the killer for her is the shift work, odd hours wrecking havoc with social and family life. As well has the heavy lifting, she finds she is now needing to care for her own health and has a desire to be around for the new grandchildren but what are her options?

Certainly there are medical transcription jobs, phone nursing advice lines. The problem with all of those type of jobs are they are just that - jobs.

They will lock you in to ridged hours lacking in flexibility. If that is what you want, no problem. However there is a way out, it may take a shift in mindset, you will need to be open to a different perspective around ways for an rn work from home.

More about that in a minute... 

Can I do rn work from home?

A new mother to be asked:

Is it is possible to do rn work from home. I have just found out that I am pregnant, and I was thinking that it would be great if I could have some sort of job where I work from home for the first few years after the baby is born. I am an rn, so I would love it if I could keep doing work in my field. It would be nice to just go out to do home visits or things like that and not have to leave my kid in day care all the time while I work in the hospital.

The Good News for these rn's is a resounding YES... with a little determination it IS possible for for an rn to work from home... here's how. 

 work from home

Decent Honest Hardworking People Frustrated with Current Circumstances

Now with retirement looming I see all around me decent, honest, hardworking men and women trying to figure out how to retire comfortably, or find ways to be at home with the kids, contribute to your family finances AND STILL have a life.

It doesn't have to be that way.

What I have found is so profound, I just HAVE to share it with others...

So are YOU fed up with having your choices limited by lack of money?

Do yourself a favour and take the tour for yourself and your families sake.... you are just moments away from changing your life...

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