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Over the next 8 days you will learn:

Day 1 - What is a Webinar & How Do I Find A Good Service To Use?

Different people have different ideas about what a webinar actually is. By the end of this lesson you will be clear webinars. You will also find information about several web conferencing services, to help you pick the one that's right for you.

Day 2 - Setting Up Pre-Registration to Pre-Qualify Your Prospects.

In lesson two, you'll learn how to set up your event pre-registration process and what data to collect to "pre-qualify" your prospects.

Day 3 - Setting The Stage.

What you MUST do to prepare your registrants before your event. Your live event is neither the time, nor the place, to worry about solving technical issues. Setting the stage will ensure a great experience for both you and your guests

Day 4 - Setting Up Your Presentation.

Learn how to get your prospects to "tell you" exactly what they are looking for. And how to use the information to set up a presentation expecially for them. 

Day 5 -Why Testing Your Presentation is so Important

Learn how to conducts webinars like a pro. The most common mistake most business owners make is failing to plan their event. Planning and testing are the key elements of a successful web conference.

Day 6 - Your "Most Wanted Response"

A webinar should not be used as a pitch-fest, or a sales-fest. It's a sulution-fest... a problem solving-fest. Don't SELL... TELL, and move your attendees towards "YOUR Most Wanted Response" 

Day 7 - Following Up With Your Attendees.

Learn how to turn these premium leads into sales.by following up with the "Lazer targeted Prospects" you generate at your webinar.

Day 8 - How To Drive More Prospects To Your Webinars.

Learn how to get more exposure for your business, meet "like minded" individuals who might be interested in joint venturing with you, increase your link popularity AND how to get your webinar service announcements to the top of google using your main keywords! 

... Learn how YOU can get more attendees to your Webinar Service

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