What is an Infoprenuer?

An Infoprenuer is someone who 'sells'/markets their knowledge.

Creating your own information products is another great way to build a homebased internet business.

The internet is ideal for this type of business. One of the problems with selling information offline is you need to print or create a 'hard' copy cd/dvd etc.

Where as online you can then have 'unlimited' downloads or purchases of your product without 'spending' on printing costs or production.

So how do you go about doing this?

Identify your Market and Passion

Firstly identify your passion, knowledge or skill...not sure what that is? Ask your friends and family to tell you what they think you are 'good at'.

You will then want to identify your potential market. You can do this to see if there is a demand...check out what others are doing? Do you see others writing, asking or searching for what you do?

An internet business (with the right tools) can help you find that potential audience quickly.

These are the tools I use.....

SBI! Quick Tour

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