Zombie Marketing cCourse

Zombie Marketing 
Confessions of an MLM Recluse & 
How to Convert Whatever Program,
You're Struggling With Into a
Cash Flow Jack Hammer

You will learn:

The Easiest Way To Predict 

The Future Is To Create It

First let me tell you about Joe.

Joe was a truck driver from New Jersey. Evan though he graduated from high school he was very near the bottom of his class AND he stuttered a lot.

Like me, Joe hated hammering the phones and cold-calling prospects (because he was so terrible at it and hated it with a vengeance!). He wanted to develop a system to do the work for him so all he had to do was pour people into the system.

How did he develop the system?

Joe had some really great mentors in direct marketing and copywriting. He was also an avid reader. He picked the brains of many a successful person.

He learned the formula of how certain people develop their Kool-Aid drink and why it bonds groups of zealots to you. He personally used this formula to build downlines into the thousands. So he should know!

The result?

Zombie Marketing - a system that has people walk on broken glass to get what you have to offer them.

And the proof is in, it worked. Not once, but twice. And he is on track for a third. Trust me on that one. I am privileged to be a part of the 09 Network. This is on the forefront of something that has never been done in the history of this industry.

Joe changed the face of the industry over 10 years ago. He is in the process of doing that again. Not maybe. Definitely.

Zombie Marketing

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