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One of the key’s I’ve found to increase online traffic to your home based business website, is simply being particular about who you link to. I guess you could liken it to ‘who do you want to jump into bed with’? Someone who sleeps around a lot, or a ‘quality long term partner’. Sorry for the analogy there but it really is graphic and true.

Let me explain.

FFA Farms (Free For All ) are made up of a conglomerate of links with no relevant relationship.

They are being used to trap the innocent with spam traps which can cause your emails to be black listed (do a spam check here) AND search engines will also penalise you for linking to them.

You still need links for the search engines to ‘like you’ so what to do?

Quality Links

Be ‘selective’ with your link exchanges.. (like being selective about who you sleep with or have as a business partner).

Does the quality of the site match your own website?

How about the content, is it relevant to your website?

So where can you go to find these quality link exchanges? 

SiteSell Value Exchange. It is a simple free service that will allow you to match not only quality but relevant and TRULY increase your link popularity, in a way that the engines love…and just watch your traffic increase.

Make Your Links Work!

The ebook Make Your Links WORK! explains how to increase online traffic and shows what produces success in the most time-and-cost efficient way possible, for now and long term. No tricks. No manipulation. No treadmill. 

Get Your Copy Now!

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