Listening Skills – the Heart Connection

Have you ever been listened to by someone with highly - developed listening skills?How did you feel? Were you left with a warm inner ‘glow’? An extra-ordinary experience? What if you used these skills every day, instead of the glazed distracted look that is a pretence for listening?

Really listening to the nuance of meaning, tonality, and grasping the speaker’s words. Your perception in full throttle, you’d even pick up on meanings left unsaid.

Wouldn’t that leave a positive impact on your business connections?

Your overall effectiveness in business depends on your ability to deal with people well. These skills will send your ability into a league of its own.

When listening you won’t be silent, you will be actively asking questions, nodding, smiling and letting the speaker know he’s been listened to.

How cool is that?

The joy of gifting your time to fully participate in a conversation is priceless.

Understanding the emotion behind the words and allowing the speaker to fully express themselves, without judgment.

These skills don’t just happen over night. Like with anything of value it comes with practice and learning.

Here is a great business resource to understand listening skills in more detail and enrich your life and home based business now.

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Unlock the Game - Ari Galper - Cold Calling

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