How to Make Friends – Naturally

It’s funny - when learning how to make friends in business it doesn’t mean you forget your manners - just because it is business.

Making friends 'just for business'. Does this mean you have to manipulate people so they will ‘do business’ with you? NO of course not!

People are people.

People 'do business' with people they "know, like and trust".

It doesn’t matter ‘why’ you are getting to know them. How to make friends is the same the world over. Simply SMILE! – it is a the universal language of friendship.

making friends for home based business

Dog’s are so friendly, aren’t they? They usually love to jump and slobber all over you! Is this what we want to do when we make friends?

Or more like the cat that comes and rubs it’s tail against you gently alluring you to pay attention – most women do this naturally but somehow forget how when we get into business – thinking we have to do it ‘different’.

Ok so how to make friends – naturally. Apart from smiling, here are some common sense ideas that work for me:

  • Be genuinely interested. This means asking appropriate questions, ‘hearing the answer’, and responding accordingly.
  • Be thoughtful
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Go the extra mile
  • Find something (even something small) of common interest.
  • Show empathy – in other words acknowledge their situation and perspective without imposing your perspective on them.


What we think, is reflected in our subtle unspoken ‘vibes”.

People ‘sense’ your thoughts even though they may not be able to verbalize it. That’s why it is important to mind what you are thinking about.

This is how people “pick-up” on:

YOUR belief!

YOUR confidence!

YOUR posture!

It’s the intangible that makes others WANT to do business with you, because they sense that you can LEAD them with your energy.

This is also reflected physically by how you stand, walk, talk, sound and look. Just notice. Is it with energy? Or is it flat.

How to make friends; comes from the over all ‘sense of being' that you present to others. This is VERY powerful when you understand how to present yourself well.

Success in business after all is all about effective communication. 

These principles are all the same offline as well as online however many seem to forget. People also want to be around people who are positive. Here is how you can have positive thought habits so you WILL attract people to you. 

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Effective Communication Skills 
Positive Thought of the Day 
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