Characteristic Traits of 
Personality Type Color - BLUE

How do people with the personality type color Blue make more money? 

Do you have that inner voice quietly, firmly telling you you are unique, you have unique talent? You know it is true but you haven't quite been able to really and truly IDENTIFY it?

Below you will find personality traits of the blue personality, these are fascinating and give you an indication of what you WANT to do.

However, I have discovered understanding your personality is only part of discovering your uniqueness. You may have the needed skills for a particular job or business and the right personality but do you have the right instincts?

You have NATURAL TALENT and that talent is deep within your DNA and not hard to find, it is often hard to see if for yourself but when it is shown to you, it will be sooo clear.

To find your natural uniqueness Take the Kolbe A™ Index The freedom you will find in understanding your natural uniqueness will really free you to step into your unique power. 

Understand the personality type blue traits, these are:

Basic disposition: Fast-paced, people-oriented.

Motivated by: : Recognition, approval of others.

Time management: Focus on the future and have a tendency to rush to the next exciting thing.

Communication style: : Enthusiastic and stimulating, often one-way (talking rather then listening), but can inspire and motivate others.

Decision making: : Intuitive and fast. Make lots of right calls – and lots of wrong ones.

In pressure or tense situations: : Attack. Can be more concerned about popularity than about achieving tangible results.

Greatest needs: : Social activities and recognition, activities that are fun, and freedom from details.

What the BLUE desires: : Prestige, friendly relationships, opportunity to help and motivate others, opportunities to verbally share their ideas.

Generally the personality type color blue has the following strengths and weaknesses: 

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses
• Enthusiastic
• Optimistic
• Good communicator
• Emotional and passionate
• Motivational and inspirational
• Outgoing
• Personal
• Dramatic
• Fun loving
• Unrealistic
• Not detail orientated
• Disorganised
• Impulsive
• Listens to feelings above logic
• Reactive
• Can be too talkative
• Excitable
• Avoids drudge work

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