Characteristics of the 
Personality Type Color - YELLOW

How do people with the personality type color YELLOW make more money and attract the best:

Most business owners have bought themselves a job, are expendable and soon forgotten. Few make significant contributions to innovations and to a cause bigger then themselves.

How about you? What mark are you leaving on the world?

What will you be remembered for?

Are you living your adventure, your life purpose?

Do you have that inner voice telling you to keep searching but still haven't found your uniqueness and how to turn that into a business that connects you to others, make money and still be able to contribute to others in a bigger way?

What do you WANT to be remembered for? Inventing something? Bringing new ideas to market? Contributing to growing needs in the world? Impacting people around you in the spiritual plane? Delivering inspiring speeches, perhaps? Writing a great book?

You certainly wont be remembered just for paying the bills.

Unless you arrange your life in such a way as to live your adventure, your calling, then you are probably pushing down the 'real you' hiding out, confused and frustrated. It doesn't have to be that way... if you are prepared to step into your unique power. 

Here are what the personality type color YELLOW traits usually have:

Basic disposition: Slow-paced, people-oriented.

Motivated by; Desire for good relationships and appreciation of others.

Time management: Focus on the present and devote lots of time to helping others and building relationships.

Communication style: Two-way communicators; great listeners and provide empathetic response.

Decision making: Make decisions more slowly, want input of others, and often yield to that input.

In pressure or tense situations: Give in to the opinions ideas and wishes of others. Often overly tolerant.

Greatest needs: Security, gradual change and time to adjust to it; environment free of conflict.

What the YELLOW personality type desires: Quality relationships, security, and a consistent known environment; their own area or specially a relaxed and friendly environment and freedom to work at their own pace. 

These are considered to be the personality YELLOW's strengths and weaknesses.

Natural Strengths Natural Weaknesses
• Patient
• Easy going
• Team player
• Stable
• Empathetic
• Compassionate
• Sensitive to the feelings
of others
• Tremendously loyal
• Puts people above projects
• Dependable
• Efficient
• Driven to finish projects
quickly and effectively
• Reliable
• Supportive
• Agreeable
• Impatient
• Blunt
• Poor listener
• Indecisive
• Over accommodating
• May sacrifice results for the
sake of harmony
• Slow to initiate
• Avoids confrontation even
when needed
• Tends to hold grudges
• Fears change

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