So, you want to start a home based business, huh?

I’m going to be brutally honest. When you start a home based business there WILL be start up costs. Over the years,I have found for most people, and you may be the same - you know you WANT or you HAVE to make extra money at home but you may not have given any real thought to what is most suitable for you: either a job or business.

Once you are clear that you want to start a home based business. The next thing is: Start up costs.

Having the right mindset about these costs is REALLY important and is where I often see a common mistake in people’s thinking.

By looking for a home based business under $100 to start you could be barking up the wrong tree because in really to 'get what you pay for'.

The Right Mindset

What are your thoughts about these network marketing start up costs. Are you worried that you might be ‘loosing’ or ‘spending money you don’t have’?

science of getting rich

FACT: Most franchises or traditional businesses require large capital investment AND it may well take 3- 5 years to recoup that investment (if they don’t fail).

So why is it that so many people can only see that they have to ‘pay’ $x amount to get started without seeing through that to the other side?

You need a mindset or thinking process of looking at this start up cost from the perspective of, “ Ok. How long will it take for me to recoup my initial outlay”. Or “Will I be able to do what it takes to make this money multiply”. These types of thoughts will serve you. 

Look to what this initial ‘seed’ money will grow to.

Here’s what happened to me.

After I had sold a business. I knew I had $X’s to last x number of months before I would need to bring in more money.

So I put my initial outlay on to my credit card and I KNEW I had until the next card payment was due to work like crazy doing what ever I needed to do to have as a minimum that outlay back so I could pay it off my card.

Talk about motivated! (Double motivation because I hadn’t told hubby!)

If it meant I had to talk to strangers – I did it. If I had to ‘sell’ a product – I did that too.

As a result, I had that money and more by the due date (6 weeks). Show me any traditional business where you can do that! Since then the money grew and grew…so was it worth it? You bet!

It worked because I had the right mindset. I also was motivated to take the necessary ACTION.

Often if you home based business is under $100's to start then often the motivation to get into action may not be as strong. 

Ways to Make Extra Money with Genuinely zero dollars to start a home based business Ok, I hear you!

Here’s what to do if you genuinely want to start a home based business (not just whining or using this as an excuse – I did say I would be brutally honest!)

Anyway, if you have a genuine desire to start a home based business and want to change your current situation there are ways to make extra money starting from zero.

You could even learn how to market your business so it can be self funded.Check out this cash flow quicklink.The last option is to go get a job and start saving.

Your choice. Just don’t be like the dog howling because it is too lazy to get off the nail.

Here’s to your future success - following your hearts desire.

Learn how to start a home based business using this simple 3 Step System, so you can 'Own Your Life' 

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