Time Management Tips for your Home Based Business

These time management tips for your home based business business were shared with my by my friend Carol. Hope you find them helpful.

  1. Before sitting down in front of your computer screen, have a purpose – or a list of priorities.Attack this priority list before you allow yourself to succumb to the temptation to surf the net. Respond to e-mails, get new marketing updates in place, whatever… Surfing the net, especially within your own business niche is not a bad thing by any means, but don’t allow yourself to start there. Priorities first.
  2. Break goals down into smaller steps (objectives) and review them daily.Begin each day/week with an end in mind based on goals. Always keep the big picture in the frame.
  3. Time is the great equaliser.Everyone gets 24 hours in a day and the key is in how you use that time. Successful people use their time effectively. Another time management tips is every time you begin a new task, ask yourself honestly to rate its productivity and priority.

For more tips take a look at this ebook: 139 Ways to Smash The Tyrany of Paperwork Emails Tephone Calls and Meetings. 

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