Planning for Daily Success in your Home Based Business

The thoughts and actions you take TODAY is what makes the difference in your home based business long term results. You only have TODAY. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. A friend of mine Carol shared with me what has worked well with her. I’ll let Carol explain what she does:

Daily Checklist

I devised this plan myself as a daily checklist to make sure none of the critical stuff fell through the cracks, using the acronym ACTIVE.

I keep it on my desk and used it as a mental checklist – making sure I devoted attention to each item daily. I recommended it to my team under the heading:

Are YOU an active home based business entreprenuer?

Activity – Prioritise tasks daily & begin with your No 1 priority, complete, then continue through list. Block time for my home based business and do the tough stuff first.

Use a timer if necessary, but work from a realistic plan day to day to get the most out of time spent. Set aside your own ‘office hours’ whatever they may be, then work from a prioritised plan of activity.

Communication – Contacting people, following up, and prospecting are activities that get best results. Be productive and consistent in your communication, whether e-mail or phone, and include some of both.

Training – We all need to be lifelong learners, to strive to always be open to learning new things. Whether the focus here is on actively training new home based business partners or actively training yourself on some new idea/strategy/method – how have you trained yourself and/or others today? Are you working with a mentoring group?

How do you keep yourself accountable? Focus on training others, yes, but never make the mistake that you no longer need training yourself. You do.

Inspiration – You must have a strong passion, a ‘why’ for starting a home business. Determine your own personal purpose or mission statement and give it focus daily. Read or listen to inspirational messages from folks you admire. Keep your vision for why you are doing this in your vision, frequently.

Vitality – What food are you giving your mind and body? How’s the exercise routine? Can’t sit behind a screen all day and expect to feel sharp, look vibrant and healthy and live the life you love. This is true for anyone in business, but particularly true for one in the wellness industry. Gotta walk the talk.

Evaluate – Each week, evaluate your own activity, progress, processes, and results. Determine personal strengths/weaknesses and adapt future plans to meet personal challenges.

Always remember that definition of insanity, which is “doing the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results.” If it didn’t work well, you must evaluate - ask yourself why and then adjust plans/priorities accordingly. By self-evaluating honestly on a regular basis, new strategies/needs will appear. Keep your mind open and willing to detour.


Thanks Carol

Well I certainly hope that has helped you with some ideas. Thanks again to Carol for her generosity. If you have any ideas, tips that have helped you to have success in your home business I’d love to hear from you. Contact me. 

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