Web Conferencing and Online Training

Who wants to go to motel meetings and seminars when you can be at home and use web conferencing for your online trainings and presentations?

After all isn’t that one of the reasons we want a home based business? To be at home! - I know it is for me.

What is web conferencing?

It is like having your own ‘private’ chat room, lounge room or professional conference room only it is a ‘virtual’ room online.

When ‘in the room’ you can interact verbally or with text with the presenter AND with other participants. It is easy to click through websites that everyone can see or you can even use power point.

When I was looking around for a webinar service, I found they were quite expensive and really not worth the money. Until, I found Web Meet Live.

With Web Meet Live you can trial a free room that holds two people (great way to try it out to see how it works). You can also get bigger rooms for 3 or more up to hundreds (of course you need to pay for these but I found them to be VERY reasonable).

Many uses

Sure you can use a webinar service for the obvious things like presentations and your online training.

However, I often use it to record things like telephone conference calls (I can save it to my computer) or do my own recording for snippets I may want to put on my website, just as a couple of examples.

Even though you may have a small home based business, web conferencing allows you to run webinars (seminars) or small group online trainings either for free or for a fee – All from home!

Take a look at these to give you an idea of just ‘some’ topics already being provided:

Online Training Announcements
Publisher: Tim Romero

Where can I get one?



Evan though the rooms are simple to use, Tim provides live training 6 days a week, so you can use your room effectively – even for the free room!

If you have a skill, or want to train your teams online, web conferencing is a great way to go.

Get your own web conferencing meeting room.

Good luck with your online home based business! 

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