So, does law of attraction really work? 

So, does law of attraction really work? 

Here's what happened for me recently at a seminar with Bob Proctor (one of the presenters on the movie The Secret). 

A week or two prior to this seminar I had been watching the movie 'The Secret' and had been focusing on becoming clear about a big goal.

About a week later I received an email explaining how the mind works and how to use the law of attraction using a new programme: Quantum Mind Power it had a free audio 'Alfa Flight' as a trial. So, what the heck I downloaded and listened to this for about a week. (I was so impressed I bought the program!)

Another email came offering me a scholarship to a 4 day seminar worth around $3000! Gifted to me. WOW! How could I refuse?

So does the law of attraction really work?

It was at this seminar that Bob Proctor was presenting the law of attraction.

Bob Proctor : Law of Attraction

Bob Proctor and Myself at the Seminar

As the seminar progressed my fuzzy goal became clearer, however I had no idea of the 'how'. By the 3rd day I met someone you gave me real clarity on the 'how'.

So, you tell me, does the law of attraction really work?

It certainly appears to.

What most of the teachers of the law say, is that even if we believe it or not, that because it is a 'law', just like gravity, it is working all the time.

Law of Attraction Resources

I have put together some resources on the right of this page to help you understand and then implement law of attraction.

There are 3 keys to using the law of attraction and they are:

  • Make the Decision
  • Gain Understanding
  • Which will then build your 'belief'.

So make the decision to learn, understand and implement the law of attraction.

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