I'm Just a Mum and Proud of it!

I’m just a mum and proud of it! I don’t have any letters after my name.

When at 25, new baby in tow and I started ‘doing’ party plan…after every party I would call my sponsor (I think she wondered what had struck!) I would be happy about any sales I had made but I would also question her on how I could improve…what could I have said or done in response to an ‘objection’ or lost sale…how could I improve.

That dogged determination is how I have learnt over the years..to keep asking questions of my trainers (even if it did bug the heck out them. Hey they were making money out of me so I was going to make them work for it too!)

A Sponge for Information

I was a sponge for information (I got THAT from my mum who taught me that learning is for a lifetime not just school) You should see my library! Let alone what I have spent over the years on tapes and cd’s!

Just about everything I know about effective communication I learned from my kids

The other area in my life that I have learned SO MUCH from is my children. Through each stage that our children went through I would go digging into books to figure out how I would ‘deal’ with the situation.

My readings would always end up leading me to learn ‘how can I communicate more effectively’ with my child so we can have a happy child (read home) yet still accomplish what needed to be done (clothes picked up, home work completed or instructions followed). If you have teenagers you will understand how challenging that can be!

work from home

Why am I sharing this with you? As a mum you have more skills then you give yourself credit for

Many women have a sense of ‘not good enough’ or ‘I don’t know anything’, ‘I’m just a mum’.

Well guess what. Do you realize what it REALLY takes to be a successful mum? You just about need a degree in psychology and human nature! Yet it is those common sense skills that often get lost in the ‘importance’ of business.

Those skills of communicating, training, leading by example are ‘invaluable’ in business. If you can communicate a complex concept in answer to a child’s simple question – that is a VALUABLE transferable skill.

So even though you to may be just a mum you bring value to your home based business that will hold you in good stead. 

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