Keeping Track of Business – Managing Information Overload

It can be overwhelming these days, keeping track of business emails, customer records and general information coming through your home office. It is essential to your sanity to keep things simple, to help reduce your workload, overwhelm and manage your time efficiently.

It surprises me that these basics to keeping track of business are often overlooked, or are cause for stopping people from moving forward and focusing on what really makes the money.

Here are some tips to help with:


A love hate relationship! So quick and easy but ohhh that spam!

A few simple basic tips to stay in control:

  • Learn to use your email program. Yes it is worth spending an hour or so figuring out how to use it properly. This could save you hours in the long run.Can’t figure it out? Pay a student to show you! Or you can get great tips here on managing Outlook data
  • Set up your INBOX just like you would a filing cabinet, with appropriate folders and sub-folders.
  • Set ‘rules’ so that your computer files things for you. This keeps your main inbox free of those regular ezines and family emails separate. This allows you to read the ‘filed’ emails at a time to suit you.

One of the most popular email programs is Outlook I’m not promoting this above any other software program, however if you already use outlook you may be surprised at what other things you can use it for.

If you find you are still struggling then you may want to take advantage of these free home based business online training classes. where you will be taken by the hand in an online interactive class room.

Keeping Track Of Business Customer/Client Records

An ESSENTIAL for any home office is keeping track of business records. It is an area I see all too often lacking by not having a simple system. Again doesn’t have to be elaborate.

A simple card file is very effective, particularly if you have difficulty with technology.

Outlook again, is useful for keeping simple records, notes, history and emails all together in one place.

It really is worth the time to LEARN how to use these tools properly. If you can’t figure it out, I’m sure there are students around who’d love a few dollars thrown their way to have them show you.

However, as my brother is constantly reminding me, you pay for what you get. It is worth paying someone who REALLY knows a program inside out to teach you properly.

An email newsletter is essential to keep in touch with your customers/clients building a solid relationship with them. The problem these days is having your emails delivered that's why a good email newsletter software is worth it's weight in gold. 

**Notes and Customer History: This is what can set you apart from the crowd. When ever you have a conversation with a customer/client make notes of their personal likes, dislikes, family and thing of particular interest to them.


People want to know you CARE enough to remember about THEM.

You know, keeping track of business, doesn’t have to take much time but the rewards of are worth taking that little bit extra time to put in place simple systems. You’ll be surprised how much it can add to your financial bottom line.

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