How to Organize a Home Office and your Time for your Home Based Business – the Basics

Your safe haven! When you organize a home office it helps to set aside both time and space to be yours alone.

Setting Boundaries - The Phone

Before my children became adults, I am sure the signal for them to ‘have to ask me for something real important’ was every time the phone rang! Once I was off the phone they suddenly didn’t need attention any more!

Set very clear boundaries and consequences.

Have a business line if you can. If not, make sure you train your children (if you MUST have them answer the phone,) to answer politely and with energy!

You can still be professional even though you work from home.

Your Space

You want to be able to find a pen (that works) to take that important message while on the phone. Don’t laugh! If you have children you’ll be smiling and agreeing with me!

Keep everything in one place. Again for your use only!

Use a Day Planner or Diary

Scheduling your time, calls and appointments need to be kept in one place.Colour coding can work well for this to keep your private life separate but still all in one place.

This can be a simple paper diary, or an elaborate palm pilot. Just make sure you USE it!


Keep everything filed and your home book keeping up-to-date. There are many simple systems that help you organize a home office even if it is just an expand-a-file.

Schedule a regular time for this, particularly if it’s something you don’t enjoy doing. Focus for 1/2 a day or even allocate one whole day.

That also goes for filing your email, an area many struggle with. If that's you then you'll want to take advantage of these free home based business online training classes. It's not just email that can slow you down when it comes to being organised.

Tracy over at Plan and Organize Life has some great ideas around having a decent home filing system where you can have a place for everything and everything it its a real time saver. Though it may take work to start really is worth it.

Speaking of Interruptions

If you can, (I know it’s harder the younger your children are) keep set times for your various work times.

For me, even before the children went to school, I would start my ‘office hours’ at 9 am regardless of the state of the house. That way I could switch my mind into ‘work mode’ giving me focus.

Yes it does take discipline but who said working from home in your homebased business wouldn’t take effort?

Efficiency in your Home Based Busienss

Also, how you organize a home office will effect your efficiency and stress levels. So spend the time in the begging for more efficiency later.

More importantly, enjoy the journey! Don’t sweat the small stuff! 

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